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Le Metier de Beaute Lip Cremes +

As you can see, I photographed a lot of the Le Metier de Beaute counter here and over here. I had the hardest time taking photos of the lipcremes due to the flash (the reflectiveness of the tubes). When I took the pictures without flash, the colors were not accurate, due to the lighting at Bergdorf Goodman. But it never hurts to practice with the camera a bazillion times in my bedroom to photograph what I personally have. I’ll have a second stab at the lipcremes when I go to Bergdorf Goodman in the near future.
These lip cremes are one of the standouts of Le Metier de Beaute. I adore them because they’re comfortable on your lips, not sticky, and the iridescence is just awesome. They’re $36 for .22 fl oz. Once you’ve tried one of these, you’ll never go back to any other brand for lipglosses. It’s one of the products you have to try for yourself, and believe me, I’ve tried MANY. The shades are meant to be mixed  with other colors.
And here we go: 
from left to right:
Creme de la Creme
Vanilla Rose
Sweet Creme

from left to right:
Creme de la Creme
Vanilla Rose
Sweet Creme

Creme de la Creme: nice nude shade with pretty multi dimensional sparkles. I like using this over a dark shade to lighten it up. I personally cannot wear this one alone due to the color and the texture on top of bare lips, it looks a little odd. I didn’t care for it at first, but it’s won me over with time. It’s not sticky, it has an awesome duration on my lips. I’ve worn this on top of Framboise and it’s soooo pretty. 
Toffee: Gorgeous warm bronze/peach shade. I want to wear this alone during the summer, but I love it when it’s mixed with Framboise.  
Vanilla Rose: A nice light pink with pink/red sparkles. I can wear this over a nude lipliner, but not straight on the lips, since they’re really pigmented. I love pairing this with Giorgio Armani 103 lipstick, or Framboise. mmmm
Sweet Creme: The consistency is similar (but not quite) to a MAC plushglass, but the texture is a lot nicer, no funky gunk that collects on your lip over time (MAC plushglasses has this effect on my lips). I can wear this one alone and it’s my personal favorite because it lightens my natural lipcolor. This is my HG lipcreme, if I had to pick one.
Framboise: Need I say more? This consistency is almost like a liquid lipstick, but it’s definitely a gloss.  It’s true framboise color with red and other pretty sparkles. You can see a more detailed review on Temptalia and how it looks on her. It seems she loves it a lot, since she reviewed it twice.

I  wish they had more colors, but at the same time, too many choices can be overwhelming. Be aware that they are fragranced, but I can’t think off the top of my head what the smell reminds me of. It’s a vanilla like smell, and it’s not a strong scent either. 


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Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 La Femme Bleue +

I would like to present swatches and overall conclusion to Giorgio Armani Spring 2011:
You can see the entire spring collection on KarlaSugar to see a complete overview on the collection. 518 lipstick is permanent, so I’ll be getting that later. What I can say about 518 is that it does have a bit of sparkle, which is unusual, because Rouge d’Armani lipsticks have none (well none that I’ve tested or own). The artist used 518 lipstick and #16 lip shimmer on top and it’s the perfect light pink opal sheen. 🙂 I did find out (random aside) that #16 is their best selling lip shimmer. Overall description: #16 is gorgeous on its own, and the color is what MAC oyster girl wishes she was. I’ve finally found my super light pink opalescent lip combo that doesn’t look like chalk on my pigmented lips. 

The highlight of the collection: the eyeliners. They’re smooth, creamy, and extremely long lasting. They apply almost like a gel or liquid eyeliner. They come in black, taupe, and green. I’ve tested it on the waterline and this stuff doesn’t come off. I don’t understand why Armani makes these Limited Edition, because they’re brilliant. I purchased the black and taupe shades.
I also purchased the blush and what’s nice about it is that it’s matte. It’s the first time that Armani has made a matte blush, but I’m relatively new to the line, so I have no idea if they’ve made any in the past. 

I got the blush
2 of the black eyeliner (#1)
2 of the taupe eyeliner (#2)

From top to bottom: 
Le Metier Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Noir.
Shu Uemura Painting liner
Giorgio Armani eyeliner in #1. (black)
Giorgio Armani eyeliner in #2. (taupe)

I’ve been going gaga over the black shade because it’s so so so black. I missed out on these last year because they were sold out within a couple of days.

In terms of shimmer: The black one has 0 shimmer, whereas the taupe shade it’s very fine, micro shimmer. It’s only really visible up close.

From left to right:
Rock and Republic Spank
Giorgio Armani Spring Blush
Shu P Wine 25.

This blush is amazing. This will now be my everyday soft pink blush. woooohoooo

Spank is a bit warmer in person, but as you can see, the GA pink is definitely not overly cool. It seems more neutral when it’s applied on my face, but you can get the idea.

What’s worth getting: The eyeliners. The green one is glorious too, but I’ve only been buying what I’ll wear on a consistent basis. The blush, I can see darker skintones not being able to wear it since it’s a sheer pink. Plus, if you have a similar shade, then you can pass on it, but the advantage of Armani blushes is the finish and the awesome quality. 

I thought the finishing powder was passable, it’s basically a micro fined version of pink opal pigment. I do like the effect it gives on my face (a nice warmth), but I never wear finishing powders. The palette, although it’s gorgeous, it’s just not what I would wear (personally). Don’t be afraid of the colors in it, because the artist did make this palette so wearable (a soft everyday look) on me. This is coming from someone who only really wears neutrals. I do think it’s worth seeing if you like greens and purples.


Random tips from a Makeup Artist +

Today I went to the Giorgio Armani counter to purchase their Spring Collection. The Makeup Artist who I go to is pretty brilliant. He used to work for Shu Uemura, among other companies. He did a quick makeover, but what I learned from him is invaluable:

Some tips:

Do your eye makeup first: Why? If you apply foundation first, then do your eyeshadow …  any eyeshadow fallout  is always an extra hassle to clean the fallout, then reapply the foundation. In the end, it’s just extra foundation that you don’t need to use.

To line the waterline, using a lip brush as an alternative: I’ve always done this personally, but I was laughed at by my friends because it looked “weird”. Lip brushes are stiff and pointy, and if you’re bad at applying liner, especially the waterline, a lip brush makes it a lot easier.

Applying concealer after foundation: He states a common mistake that he sees a lot of customers do is using concealer under the foundation. Since concealer is higher coverage, just use it on areas that need the extra coverage.

After applying blush, use a very small amount of concealer to have the glow from within effect: I thought it was a little odd, but surely enough, the blush had a totally different effect. He used a small amount, and did a quick stroke with the GA concealer across my cheeks, then blended it on top of the blush with a blush brush. Definitely worth trying if you ask me.

Using an alcohol free toner to give a more “my skin but better” look: After he did my face (except the lipstick). He used YSLs toner and applied it on a sponge (wedge one). He stated that he only uses a sponge for this and lightly pressed the sponge against my face. None of the makeup was on the sponge, and it really looked nice. I’ll have to try this in the future. Don’t use a toner with alcohol with it because it dries out the skin, plus makeup tends to come off due to the alcohol.

Eyeshadow placement: This is probably the most interesting tip of all. He stated that the biggest difference in terms of how one looks in terms of age is eyeshadow placement. What’s considered the “norm” of eyeshadow placement (lid color, crease, outer v, highlight) can make you look a bit older. The reason being, our crease is naturally dark, and putting a darker color there can accentuate lines or make eyes look more aged. What he did do in terms of my makeover:

He used a black eyeshadow and put it near my lashline, but he used a very little amount. He used the side (not the tip) of the brush to apply the eyeshadow. Then the second darkest color on top of the black, but he brought the second color slightly higher, and then the third color on top of the other 2, brought that slightly up. At the end, he blended the harsh line in small circular (almost small oval like) motions with the tip of the brush a little above the crease. He then wiped off the brush and used a very small amount of highlighter on the browbone. He applied a lot less eyeshadow product than what I normally do, which was surprising. He did this ALL with my Shu #10 brush. Just one brush for my entire eye (well except the lipbrush for the waterline). I was like O_O when I saw the results. He got really excited when he saw that I had that brush in my bag. Out of all the Shu Uemura brushes he owns, he states that the #10 is his favorite. A little birdie told me he owns hundreds of brushes. One day I’ll have to invade his house. LOL *sigh*

I got a lot of compliments by random strangers after the makeover. As a result, I really think some of these tips are worth giving a try. 🙂


Red Lipsticks Part I

I know there are some people out there that would like to see some swatches of red lipsticks. Well, here’s Part I:

From Left to Right: 
Shu RD 128
MAC Merry Mistress (this is a red-red)
Shu RD 195
Shu RD 165
Shu RD 165M
Shu RD 190

Just a quick observation: GA 128 is an orange red, and it’s the only warm red I own. This needs to change, but you can at least see how different it looks in undertone compared to blue based reds.

From Left to Right:
Shu RD 175

MAC Red no 5
Shu RD 198
NARS Red Lizard
MAC Russian Red
GA 400

GA 400 is a smidgen darker and slightly more burgundy than Russian Red. MAC red no. 5 has more sparkle in person.

Part II will entail darker reds I own. 🙂

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Awesome news of the day +

KarlaSugar has a Youtube channel! Her voice is so unreal. She should consider doing podcasts and (or) being a narrator for an audiobook or documentary. I’m generally not a fan of Youtube because most makeup “gurus” have irritating voices or bizarre music playing in the background. Karla has none of that, which is why I love this channel.

my other favorite people to listen to are:

Lisa Eldridge


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Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani swatches +

My personal favorite lipstick formula is from Giorgio Armani. It’s creamy, but not too creamy. They’re not drying, and the lasting power is amazing. I’ve tried:

Dolce & Gabbana: nice color selection, but the lasting power is so short. 

Chanel: not that long lasting, and I’m never that impressed with their color selection, although I know a lot of people love their lipsticks.
MAC: they’re drying, the Amplified Cremes are nice, but not as long-lasting.
NARS (non mattes) they’re ok, but not long lasting
Hourglass: the formula is too runny, although I can only speak for their red lipsticks.  
Guerlain: this stuff just slides off after a short while. 
Edward Bess: too creamy for me personally
Tom Ford: medicore lasting power, you can refer to my Smoke Red review 
YSL: too creamy, the smell is nauseating, and not long lasting at all.
Clinique: I like the texture, but not long lasting either.
Makeup Forever: nice texture and formula, but again, not as long lasting. I will say that they’re better than most lipsticks out there, worth trying if you can.
Shu Uemura: this is my other favorite formula (Rouge Unlimited and their creme mattes), but this will have its own review. 

Ok aside from the formula, the color selection is pretty amazing considering that this particular formula hasn’t been out that long. 

Duration: 6 hours and that entails drinking several drinks, eating 2 meals, and lots of talking. No touchup required during this time. 

Packaging: durable with a magnetic clasp. There’s a bit of heft to them, but for me it’s not an issue. 

What I personally own and swatches:
From top to bottom:


The shade I get most compliments on?: 513

What got me interested in this line?: Finding my HG pinky nude, and a GA MA chose 103 for me. It’s my first Rouge d’Armani and it’s my HG pinky nude. 

Which color I’ve been wearing as of late: 516

Downside: none. It’s fragrance free and even if you have flakies on your lips, this lipstick formula doesn’t accentuate them. Maybe the only downside is the price ( for some); it’s $30. This has got to be my favorite item from Giorgio Armani, along with their fluid sheers. I’d pay $60 for these lipsticks, that’s how much I love them. They really are that awesome. 🙂


Vincent Longo Water Canvas foundation +

Ok, as I was organizing my makeup storage, I totally found my Vincent Longo Water Canvas Foundation 😀

This is the foundation I was wearing throughout the summer. Let’s discuss how awesome this item is!

It’s in a compact, cream to powder form, photo friendly, and the coverage I must say, is the most adjustable foundation I’ve come across. It can be light coverage, yet buildable to almost full without looking cakey or odd. It doesn’t look like powder when applied, either. You and I both know when it’s summertime, matte foundations take a backseat and we all tend to go for foundations that are more on the luminous side, or very natural looking.

The texture: when you touch it, it feels very sponge-y. It’s a little odd when I first felt it, because I’m accustomed to liquid foundations.

Finish: it’s like your skin, it can be light coverage for those super hot days in the summer. This stuff, DOES NOT BUDGE. AT ALL. I wore this on a day that was over 100 degrees with insane humidity and it didn’t move. I was sweating in the scorching sun beating down on my face, walking down the streets of New York City and this stuff, even without primer, didn’t come off.

I wore this at night and layered it and man I looked AMAZING in photos.

Application: I use Sonia Kashuk’s synthetic Flat Top Blusher brush. This foundation can be applied wet (to sheer it out) or dry. For me personally, I prefer to apply it dry to give a bit more coverage.

This foundation is what I had imagined Makeup Forever Face and Body was supposed to be. This foundation, and I hate to say it…didn’t cover anything on my face, and it came off within moments. This foundation, ladies and gentlemen, is at best mediocre.

Pros: great color selection, a friend of mine who is like NC43 got matched, but I forgot her specific shade. It’s water based so if you’re sensitive to a lot of foundations due to random ingredients, give this a try.

Downside: if you don’t keep it sealed in the compact, it is water based, so it can and may evaporate. Price? 57 for the actual foundation, 16.50 for the compact that it comes in.

I know a few MAs that use this foundation for photoshoots and they adore this stuff. I can’t blame them. This is probably one of the most underrated products I’ve come across. 
Here’s a swatch: 

From Left to Right:

Chantecaille Future Skin in Vanilla

Vincent Longo Water Canvas

By Terry Lumiere Veloutee in Beige Naturel

crap, I forgot what shade I am… I’ll edit this post when I go to spaceNK to figure out my shade. I want to say it’s Soft Beige.

Is this HG? Yes, it is. It’s my summer foundation. 🙂 Well, I do have Peau de Vierge when I want to look luminous, but Water Canvas is a brilliant foundation.

Where it’s sold? Vincent Longo online, SpaceNK.