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By Terry Apple Glow (#1) Blush Veloute +

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So as of late I’ve been rocking out the cream blushes. I don’t get it either, because it’s summertime and cream stuff just slides off my face. Yea, having combo skin is not a good look sometimes. So anyway, one of the colors I’ve been using is By Terry Apple Glow. I reviewed Ginger Glaze (#3) and as much as I adore Ginger Glaze, I’m all about the pinks for the moment. 

Formula and texture: Yours truly is a bit of a picky chick in terms of how something feels on my hand, or more in between my fingers (yea, that’s what she said too). It’s like a whipped, almost a mousse like feel. I’m all about how awesome it feels. The finish is satin-matte, but it doesn’t look like a blob of ugly flat color on your cheeks, it gives a very subtle fresh flush look. You know that look on your face when you’re a little too excited *wink*. It’s a nice warm mid tone pink with some red in it? Maybe a better description is a natural strawberry pink. Uhm, it’s not a loud color that you’d look like a clown. Trust me. Ok, so you would think that this stuff since it’s a cream, that it wouldn’t last long on your face. . . which brings me to . . .
Longevity: So I rocked it out in the 90 degree heat, with tinted moisturizer with no foundation primer. I really wanted to see how this stuff measures up in the heat, because if it lasts well in the heat on my skin, then yea…it’s a keeper. So I wore it and I was sweating outside. You know that heat where you can’t even breathe from the humidity?  I felt like I was going to collapse. Anyway, so how long did this stuff last? 7 hours and it was some fading. I didn’t think it was too bad at all, given my skintype and heat. Plus had I worn foundation primer, it would have lasted easily another 4 hours, assuming it’s still hot outside.
Size and packaging: 3 grams or 0.1 oz. Pretty straight forward packaging: gold, screw top packaging.
Scent: it’s definitely scented with By Terrys signature rose and it has a slight baby powder scent mixed in. I feel like the scent isn’t as strong the more you open the lid, or maybe I’m just used to the fragrance.

Price: $43
Onto the photosssss !!

so if you zoom in, you see random sparkles. forgive me, i was dipping my glittery hands in it. this stuff has no glitter in it at all.

Left to right:
Armani Blushing Fabric #1
By Terry Apple Glow

Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline



Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline Original Skin Blush

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So I’m back, albeit sick. 
But I’m here to review Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline blush. I’ve reviewed a couple of other items from the line seen here. The few items I do have are really beautifully packaged and nice quality as well. 
Packaging: The blush comes in a sleek black compact, with flowers on top of the lid, which I like. When you open it, there’s a nice mirror and the flower design embossed on the blush itself. The packaging is pretty straight forward, and it snaps shut, so you know when it’s closed. I like it because it’s sleek and it has a feminine touch to the packaging. Sometimes it’s too pretty that I confuse it with a mirror compact.
Texture and Color: it’s a smooth, buttery texture. It’s so finely milled that it feels like a cream when you touch it. I was a bit surprised when I first got Florita because it’s a bit smaller than what I had expected, but it’s definitely worth it. The color itself is a warm strawberry pink. It’s not overly warm where it’s garish, at all. In the pan there’s a tiny sparkle, but when applied it doesn’t show up at all. I wouldn’t consider this a matte finish type of blush, because matte blushes look flat on the face. When applied on the cheeks it feels more of a soft satin finish. 
Price and size: It’s approximately $39 (because of the conversion rate, since the price is in GBP), 3.5 grams or 0.123 oz. 
Where to purchase: Zuneta. I’ve had awesome experiences with them myself, and they do email you back in a very timely manner if you have any questions. What’s nice about the website is aside from great color descriptions, they also state what skintones the items are the most flattering on. They’re always spot-on. Since they’re based out of the UK, their shipping is pretty high, unless you spend around $150+ and you’ll get free shipping.
Left to right:
Shu RD #14 (discontinued)
Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline

Is it worth buying? Of course 😀 !


Giorgio Armani Summer 2011 Blushing Fabric #4, #5, and #37 Sheer Lipstick

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So today I found out the only place in New York City that has the Armani summer collection is at the Armani store on 55th-56th Street and 5th Avenue. Normally I go to my MA, but since I’m leaving the country in a few days, I’m under a bit of pressure to get them now. 

Formula: If you’re familiar with Face Fabric foundation, imagine the texture and feel, but in a blush. It’s basically a silicone based gel formula. You literally need the size of a pinhead on your finger to use on both cheeks, because it’s pure pigment. They’re so easy to blend out and sheer, but they do set pretty quickly. Once it’s on your face, they last a long time. 😉 Last year I purchased Blushing Fabric #1 and #3 and I reach for these quite often. 

Blushing Fabric #4: The best way to describe it in terms of color is…cinnamon. It’s a slightly burned terracotta kind of shade? Uhm, let’s just stick with cinnamon. This particular one will be a learning curve for me, because it seems like if I apply too much of this on, it can be easily seen as a sunburned kind of look. I know I can pull it off, but when I return to the USA, I’ll have to talk to my MA on how to use it. 

Blushing Fabric #5: It’s a pinky purple color and it’s really a gorgeous shade. sigh. I know I’ll be using this one often. I know this one will sell out quickly because it’s a fool-proof color. 

Sheer lipstick #37: The the best way to describe it is…imagine a very soft orange cream color (like ice cream), but add in a hint of beige with a beautiful sparkle. On me it lightens up my natural lip color and on my hand it looks kind of ordinary (as in you can find another color in your stash that looks similar). But the effect and shine on your lips is incredible. SO incredible. It’s soft enough that it doesn’t scream orange, but it’s definitely not a boring clean peach color either. Lighter skintones will adore this one. On me it’s a light orange-beige. sigh. I wasn’t even planning to buy a lipstick, but I may have to try the others, because they look so beautiful. 

Onto the swatches. I rushed to swatch them so they are a bit uneven, but you can get the idea:

From left to right:

Blushing Fabric #4

Blushing Fabric #5

Sheer lipstick #37

*accurate lighting


By Terry Rose de Rose Sheer Liquid Blush in Amber Rose (#3)

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So in light of the warmer weather (well, not so much where I live), but it’s slowly transitioning into spring/summer…I’m already thinking of what I’ll be wearing during the summer months. 
When I think of summer, I think of luminous anything. The pretty luminous foundation, the corals, the bronzes, golds…well you know, anything really warm. Basically I’ve been trying to embrace my inner summer. I hate the summer months and I’ve never been a luminous kind of girl, but 2011 will be the year for me to venture out of the box when it comes to makeup. So this is my inspiration photo for this summer.
Packaging: My small gripe still exists, when you lift the lid, to remove the pump, it literally doesn’t take much arm force. So if you twist the lid, the pump may come out without realizing it…and that can mean disaster. although it’s not as bad as my Lumiere Veloutee foundation, but it’s still to be noted.

Formula and Finish: By Terry liquid blushes are designed to be a highlighter and blush in one. These liquid blushes definitely fit the bill for that effect, as they have a high sheen and some sparkle. The overall effect they give is this really wet look. You know those photoshoots where the person looks really moist, dewy…yea, that kind of effect. You really need a tiny bit of it; one pump will be more than enough for both cheeks. The best way to apply these is with a synthetic brush (in my experience). The reason because if you just slap on the color with your fingers, it can go on a bit uneven if you’re not careful. When first applied, the sheen may scare you, but when it dries, it looks a lot better. These will be so awesome when you go out at night. yummy.

Color: So this color looks so different in different lighting…the best description is a pink bronze/amber color. It’s a gorgeous color in of itself and when you move your arm, the sheen is so awesome. sigh.
Scent: yes, it does have the By Terry signature rose scent. The strength of this scent is a lot more potent in these than some of her other products.

Price and size: $54. 15 mL, or .6 oz
Onto the photos:
I did 2 layers on my arm. The photo is a bit overexposed, but you can see the amber aspect to the color, as well as the highlighting effect it gives. 
Here’s a better picture in terms of lighting. For some reason it looks slightly mauve, when it’s not.
If you zoom in on the photo towards the left, you can see why fingers isn’t quite my favorite method to apply these. When I apply this on my face, I put some on the back of my hand, then quickly use a synthetic brush to apply even it out. These do set pretty quickly.
Look at the sheen 😀
Is this worth buying?: If you’re not into luminous items, then this isn’t for you, but otherwise, YES! This will be one of my go to items for the summer. 😀


Le Metier de Beaute Mystique creme fresh tint

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YAY! I finally got my hands on one of the new creme fresh tints that Le Metier de Beaute has released. They released three new shades: Coral Nymph, Ginger Lily, and Mystique. Right now they’re only sold at Nordstroms, but Bergdorf Goodman will have them soon. I didn’t get the two other shades, because they look really warm, maybe too warm for yours truly.
Color: Mystique is a very cool, bubblegum-like pink (it does have some lavender to it). It’s a gorgeous shade, but I can see how some people will steer clear from it, because it is a very cool pink. The online swatch it looks like a straight lavender, but of course, their color representations are a bit off. In the pot it has a very fine silver and pink micro shimmer and applied on my arm and cheek. The actual amount is not as much as Armani Blushing Fabric #1, but it’s definitely apparent. Just putting it out there in case shimmer is a factor in buying. Either way, it’s such a pretty color for the springtime. 🙂
Formula: These are slightly creamier than your Bobbi Brown pot rouges. Ok, the reason why I’m even comparing these is because the swatch I have for comparison is a Bobbi Brown pot rouge. I shouldn’t even compare the two because the creme fresh tint is such a nicer product. What makes the creme fresh tints so amazing is how blendable they are. I just glide my finger across the color and it just blends so well. Blending these are so effortless. Ok so a main question is “do they stay dewy? do they dry down?” Well, if you layer it on, it will stay dewy like in the photo below. If you blend it a bit with your finger, it does dry down. I adore the formula and it’s long lasting, but not drying at all. I can’t get over how nice it feels against my fingers. sigh, so delectable.
Size and Price: 5 grams (.17 oz), for $28

Is this worth buying?: I like the color myself, so I think it’s worth the purchase. I can say it’s a very cool pink, so it may not be for everyone. If you feel like the color isn’t for you, Poppy would probably be a better pick since it’s warmer (and a more universally flattering color). I’ll do a review for Poppy in the near future.

Onto the photos!
From left to right:
Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry Pot Rouge (2 swipes)
Le Metier de Beaute Mystique (2 swipes)
*note that Mystique has a sparkle that the camera didn’t pick up. My Canon has been on strike (anti-sparkle) phase as of recent.


Le Metier de Beaute Petit Poudrier Imperial Gardens Palette: Gift with Purchase

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In three days, you can pre-order your Bergdorf Goodman makeup goodies for their Gift Card Event. 
It’s from April 6th-10th

Spend $150 and get a $25 Gift Card
Spend $500 and get a $100 Gift Card
Spend $1000+ and get a $250 Gift Card

There are some Gift with Purchases (GWPs) being offered from different lines, but I’ll be discussing Le Metier de Beaute’s GWP 😀 ! I got the Le Metier de Beaute GWP as a gift (free) for the sole purpose to give my review and to show you the colors. From the mailer I got you have to spend $125 at Le Metier de Beaute to be entitled for the GWP, but to get the Gift Card, you have to spend $150. 
The palette is Imperial Gardens–it’s a beautiful lip and cheek palette. It’s about the size of a business card. It contains 4 lip colors, and a blush color. It’s a beautiful palette. The texture of the lip colors are like the lip kaleidoscope palettes.
To those of you who know me, I’m anti lip palettes…why you ask? Because it can get messy over time. The bigger the lip palette is, the messier it looks and it’s so off putting. Luckily for me, this palette isn’t overly big so even if it does get messy (I’m a klutz), it’s pretty easy to clean. 
Colors — Clockwise from top left:  There’s a purple with a tinge of brown lip color with golden sparkles, which I personally like by itself, but it can be mixed with other colors. Then there’s this gorgeous shimmery red that has some pink to it, with pretty golden sparkles. Definitely my favorite lip color out of the bunch.  Then you have this creamy peachy pink with very subtle shimmer that barely shows up, it has pink and almost a red sparkle to it, definitely unique. Then the last color is this light brown-champagne shade, with multi-dimensional sparkles. 
As for the blush color. This is the definite winner. The GWP is honestly worth it just for the blush. It’s so beautiful and I have yet to see a color like this in cream form. It’s like a dusty pink-mauve color. I’m seriously INFATUATED. I’m dead serious…Seriously, really, infatuated. I think you can use the blush as a lip color too, but I haven’t tried it on my lips. Just stating a potential option. 🙂

Dear Le Metier de Beaute: Please make this cream blush a permanent color in your collection. I seriously hope you’re reading this and taking it into consideration.
I will apologize upfront because I have serious limited arm movement, therefore difficulty to swatch the colors evenly. I will say the light brown champagne shade was hard to apply since it was the last color for me to swatch. Plus I didn’t have the best applicator on me. I do hope you guys get the idea of how awesome it is.
Onto the pictures and swatches:
Left to Right:
The cream blush
Then the four lip colors from top left, clockwise.
*To note, the purple color looks more brown in photos than in person.
Is it worth getting?: For a Gift with Purchase, I think it’s very versatile and just straight up beautiful. The cream blush…wow, just WOW.

To make your Le Metier de Beaute order, here’s their phone number: 212-872-8612


Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita Original Skin Blush +

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This is seriously one of my favorite items of the moment. Rouge Bunny Rouge is a line I’ve been recently getting into, and the couple of items I do own I really like, as seen here. I recently acquired Florita blush in the mail. I’m seriously in lust with this color. Ok onto the specifics:
Size and packaging: 3.5 grams or .0123 oz. It comes in a sleek black compact with a mirror built inside. The blush itself has flowers embossed into the blush. The same pattern is seen on top of the compact, which is a really pretty feminine touch. It’s not flimsy packaging and when you close it, it snaps in. I know it sounds silly, but I am less inclined to use something if it’s crappy packaging. 

Texture and formula:
It’s so finely milled, it feels like really creamy powder (which I’ve come to really like), creamier than La Mer’s translucent powder. It goes on so smoothly on your face. This particular blush has very fine silver sparkle that isn’t over the top. The lasting power is average for a blush, which is nice. When applied, it goes on evenly, no fuss application and it’s easy to sheer out. The formula in of itself seems like someone with dry skin would really appreciate because it just melts onto your skin.

Where to buy?: Zuneta.

Onto the photos 🙂 

From left to right:
Shu RD P 19 d
Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita
NARS crazed
Edward Bess Moroccan Rose
*Moroccan Rose is more mauve than Florita, and Crazed has a micro sparkle that the camera didn’t pick up.
Is this worth having?: Yes, the formula in of itself is worth having, and it’s just a gorgeous red/berry shade. As you can see, I am a sucker for these kinds of colors. 🙂