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Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Glow Liquid +

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Now that summer is officially here, I bring to you stuff that makes me happy as of late, and as you all know…it’s BRONZER TIME !! 
So I know a lot of people are out there on the market looking for something that’s gives them that sunkissed glow. I don’t blame you, whatsoever. So I ordered Rouge Bunny Rouge’s bronzing liquid to see what it’s all about…
Packaging: It’s in a tall, slender pump, clear frosted packaging like their illuminators.
Texture and formula: I’m personally biased towards liquid bronzers, as it tends to look more natural, than powder. It’s definitely lovely on my skin as a soft sheen, when sheerly applied. So I tried layering this on, and the shimmer is definitely more apparent when layered. The formula in of itself is a runny liquid, so it’s easy to spread out quickly. It takes a couple of seconds to set, which isn’t bad at all because I do like an extra moment to adjust the coverage. 
Color: It’s like a golden honey-light caramel color, which I know will work gloriously on paler skintones. I know it’s very hard to find a bronzer that doesn’t make you look like an oompa loompa, but for those of you who are very fair, this won’t look orange at all. 
Size and Price: 1.75 fluid ounces; $100 (approximately given the conversion rates from GBP to USD)
Onto the photos 🙂

The bronzer sheerly applied on the inner part of my arm, where I’m palest.                                        
 The left half of my arm with nothing, the right side with bronzer layered on (no flash)
 With flash (bronzer layered on)
Top to bottom:
Le Metier de Beaute Bella Bronze
Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing liquid
oddly enough in this picture you can see the shimmer when layered.

Is this worth having? I think so if you’re fair in skintone because you can use a small amount and it gives a nice warm bronze glow. If you’re like me or darker: it’s nice as a soft sheen (illuminating), but used as a bronzer, you do have to layer it. I don’t mind the shimmer when it comes to layering it, but some may.