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By Terry Seve de Rose Ultra-Glow Double Serum +

July has been a seriously hot and humid. Like disgustingly hot during the night too. Generally when it comes to the summer heat, I opt not wearing any makeup. I mean what’s the point? Foundation will slide off within minutes…right?

Until now…

So over a month ago, I had David do my makeup and he usually uses By Terry Seve de Rose as my foundation primer/moisturizer. I always wanted to buy it, but of course…I told myself “I’ll eventually get it”. I didn’t see a need since I generally use Shu Uemura Stage Performer as my primer. Granted it’s an awesome primer, it’s too heavy for the summer heat and humidity.
So he used Seve de Rose underneath Ellis Faas foundation (will review later). Ellis Faas foundation is a medium coverage, satin finish. It was a night where it was over 100 degrees at 11 pm. I realized that it would be my primer for the heat…why do you ask?

Texture: It’s definitely a serum in terms of formula, gel like in consistency. It’s very light weight and it absorbs pretty quickly. It has the signature By Terry fragrance, sooo delish ! The smell does linger on your face, which I don’t mind because it’s so lush. I like to use like 2-3 pumps for my face. You can probably use 2, but i like a bit more because it’s addicting.

Effect: As the title states, it is a glow serum, and it definitely does that. I can use this alone, or under foundation for an awesome glow. None of that ugly microsparkle that makes it seem like you’re luminous. Just awesome “hi, I had 12 hours of sleep and I’m well rested” glow. What makes me excited about this serum is that my medium coverage foundation stayed on my face (first applied at 7pm). It stayed on my face when it was 103 degrees at 11 pm, and it stayed on when it was 85 degrees at like 3 am with like 90% humidity. How awesome is that? Yea…I thought so too.
When I worked during the day, I reached for this stuff because I looked like crap. Tired, sallow skin…yet coworkers were like “wow how did you adjust to working during the day and not be tired”? I actually was tired, but they didn’t need to know that. The wonders of By Terry. *sigh*. Long story short, Seve de Rose is what like MAC strobe cream wishes it was…except Seve de Rose is liquid crack, laced with some gelato on top.
Now on the box it’s supposed to detoxify your skin…I can’t speak for that because as of late my face is going through some detox. Reason being I’ve been using Natura Bisse, so the detoxifying isn’t really from the By Terry serum (in my opinion).

Price and size: $90, 30 mL or 1.02 oz.

Worth the purchase?: If you’re someone who is always looking tired, I think it’s something to look into. If you’re combo-oily skin and need a good primer and (or) light moisturizer, this is great stuff. mmm.I just consider this my liquid crack.
Onto the photos 😀
see i’ve been using it often ;D
ingredient list (back of the box)


right side of my hand has Seve de Rose applied.
bottom part of my hand has Seve de Rose


What I’ve purchased +

I’ve never been one to post what I buy for two main reasons…

1. I eventually blog about what’s really awesome

2. it seems like gloating if I post what I buy. I mean all of us as bloggers buy a lot of stuff. We want to write about what we all like…but showing what we buy…can be seen as gloating…at least that’s how my sister sees it. My sister used to see what I bought and she used to get mad or just be passive aggressive about it. For what reason(s) I don’t know, but you get the idea…

As of the past few weeks, I’ve been working like crazy, especially with my schedule working during the day, and now I’m back on nights…needless to say it’s not fun because my body is not adjusting well AT ALL. I’ve gotten stuff in the mail/bought stuff in store…and with all that has happened in my life…I haven’t really played with any of it, which explains the less frequency of my posts. 


I’ve decided to show you my most recent makeup stuff. I hope you guys don’t see it as gloating, because it isn’t. I just want you all to see what I will eventually blog about and to see what I get excited about. This is stuff I’ve acquired during the past few weeks, so don’t think i just got it all in one shot. I hope you enjoy looking at some of my pretties.

I added Becca makeup back into my life. yay ! 

So what did I get?:
By Terry loose powder in ivory peach
Suqqu #4 quad — Keshizumi
Suqqu LE quad (in the white casing) — EX-02 — Sukashizumi
Becca Guava tint
Becca #58 foundation brush
RMK powder brush (to go with my By Terry loose powder — it’s that special).
Becca Halcyon Days Palette
Le Labo Gaiac 10 refill. (my signature fragrance since 2009).

a closeup of Gaiac 10. Yes, it’s panties perfume. 🙂

Shu Uemura 7.5 EXB fan brush (only sold in a certain part of Japan)
Shu Uemura eyeshadows in: ME825, P140, G bronze, M895
Shu Uemura custom palette in: P781, P812, M335

(most of these are only sold in Asia, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it on the US site).

am i the only one who really loves seeing haul posts ? let me know how you feel about haul posts … ? like/dislike and why?


By Terry VIP Touch Expert Advanced Concealer +

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As of late my skin has been red due to the summer heat…and with the temperatures rising over 100 degrees, anything on my face feels gross as of late. Basically my face gets reddish when it’s over 70 degrees. 
moving along…
The one thing I have been using for spot areas is my handy dandy By Terry VIP Touch Expert Advanced Concealer. So onto the review…
Packaging: it comes in a purple tube, very slender and easy to carry around with a brush applicator. I never really use the brush, i just put some on the back of my hand, and use my fingers to apply.
Formula and Texture: the formula is definitely a medium-full coverage concealer, and it’s pretty thin formula. Given my skintype, anything creamy gets cakey and overall a thicker formula just looks unnatural on my face. What’s so cool about the formula is that it contains hyaluronic acid, which is great for moisture so it’s not drying at all. When it’s first applied it looks luminous, but when blended and dried down it’s a satin finish. David introduced this to me when he used Ellis Faas foundation (Skin Veil). Let’s just say I looked pretty awesome LOL. It’s pure radiance and flawless on my face.
To those who are wondering how this compared to Touchee Veloutee (TV): TV is a brightening and definitely more illuminating concealer that looks amazing for your undereyes. A main difference is that TV is lighter coverage. Granted I can get away using TV for spot areas, it is a luminous finish and it’s not as peachy in terms of the color compared to Touch Expert.
Price and Size: $40 for 0.085 fluid oz. 
Cons: The limited shade range. Shade #1 is if you’re approx NW10-15, Shade #2: NC15-20, Shade #3: NC25-30. I’m shade 3 of course…but, really? is that the darkest a line can do? It makes me a little sad.
Onto the photos ! 😀 

Left to right (with flash):
By Terry VIP touch expert #3
By Terry Touchee Veloutee #3
You can see the undertone difference, as TV is for undereye (lightening and brightening), Touch Expert is more for your face. Both are an awesome match on me.
Left to right (no flash):
By Terry VIP touch expert #3
By Terry Touchee Veloutee #3

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By Terry Ombre Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze Moon +

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So seeing that there are people who want more By Terry, here is my review on Bronze Moon!
Since I fell in love with Misty Rock, I wanted to get another awesome shade. David being the awesome MA that he is, suggested Bronze Moon. Of course I got it and I’m ever so happy with my purchase.

Packaging: it comes in a sleek, shiny gold tube, in retractable pen form. As I stated before, it’s amazing to have in your purse since you can just apply on the lid and go. No brush required when you’re in a hurry.

Texture and Formula: The standout aside from the color is that it’s insanely long lasting. The texture is soooo smooth and not gritty at all. There’s no messy fallout, it’s just pure pigment. The one thing that I can say is that it sets pretty quickly, so as soon as I apply the color on my eyelids, I have to blend basically immediately. This stuff is nothing but magical, seriously. Compared to Misty Rock, it’s not as sparkly, but it has a high sheen. It’s creamy, but there’s no creasing (which is what I’ve experienced with Benefits cream shadows). No primer is required with By Terrys, which makes my life easier.
So as I found out later, the formula is waterproof (score!). After I’ve done my swatches…I ran my swatch of Bronze Moon in a hot shower and it stayed. It does come off if you rub a lot of soap on it (3 passes of soap), so it’s not impossible to remove the product. Nice to know if you’re in the rain, that your cream eyeshadow won’t look gross.
Color: The name is deceiving because I don’t consider it a bronze shade. The color is a nice rich chocolate brown. It’s so beautiful on its own as a lid color.
Price and size: $42.50, 1.64 grams or 0.058 oz

Worth the purchase?: If you’re new to By Terry, this is the first thing I would recommend to try, because it’s sooooooo delicious.  

Here you can see it’s size and how it looks with the cap removed.

A closeup of the cream eyeshadow

 Left to right:

Le Metier de Beaute Spicy eyeshadow
By Terry Bronze Moon
MAC Museum Bronze pigment


By Terry Apple Glow (#1) Blush Veloute +

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So as of late I’ve been rocking out the cream blushes. I don’t get it either, because it’s summertime and cream stuff just slides off my face. Yea, having combo skin is not a good look sometimes. So anyway, one of the colors I’ve been using is By Terry Apple Glow. I reviewed Ginger Glaze (#3) and as much as I adore Ginger Glaze, I’m all about the pinks for the moment. 

Formula and texture: Yours truly is a bit of a picky chick in terms of how something feels on my hand, or more in between my fingers (yea, that’s what she said too). It’s like a whipped, almost a mousse like feel. I’m all about how awesome it feels. The finish is satin-matte, but it doesn’t look like a blob of ugly flat color on your cheeks, it gives a very subtle fresh flush look. You know that look on your face when you’re a little too excited *wink*. It’s a nice warm mid tone pink with some red in it? Maybe a better description is a natural strawberry pink. Uhm, it’s not a loud color that you’d look like a clown. Trust me. Ok, so you would think that this stuff since it’s a cream, that it wouldn’t last long on your face. . . which brings me to . . .
Longevity: So I rocked it out in the 90 degree heat, with tinted moisturizer with no foundation primer. I really wanted to see how this stuff measures up in the heat, because if it lasts well in the heat on my skin, then yea…it’s a keeper. So I wore it and I was sweating outside. You know that heat where you can’t even breathe from the humidity?  I felt like I was going to collapse. Anyway, so how long did this stuff last? 7 hours and it was some fading. I didn’t think it was too bad at all, given my skintype and heat. Plus had I worn foundation primer, it would have lasted easily another 4 hours, assuming it’s still hot outside.
Size and packaging: 3 grams or 0.1 oz. Pretty straight forward packaging: gold, screw top packaging.
Scent: it’s definitely scented with By Terrys signature rose and it has a slight baby powder scent mixed in. I feel like the scent isn’t as strong the more you open the lid, or maybe I’m just used to the fragrance.

Price: $43
Onto the photosssss !!

so if you zoom in, you see random sparkles. forgive me, i was dipping my glittery hands in it. this stuff has no glitter in it at all.

Left to right:
Armani Blushing Fabric #1
By Terry Apple Glow

Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline


By Terry Gloss Delectation #8: Pomegranate Flash

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So there have been some questions in relation to By Terry lip glosses…and today I’ll review Gloss Delectation #8. It has taken me a while to review this, and I really have mixed feelings about them. 

Packaging: it comes in a clear tube with a purple lid. The applicator isn’t the standard doe foot, as you’ll see in the pics below. I like the shape of the applicator because I can create a crisp line without using a separate brush.
Color and Fragrance: It’s a vibrant coral in the tube. The color in the tube stood out to me because I love vibrant lip colors. It’s a really pretty coral, with a bit of red in it. On some people I can see it showing up as a orange-red depending on the person. It’s so lovely in the tube and when swatched. It’s definitely has a STRONG fragrance and I mean STRONG, so be aware of that.
Texture and Formula: Here’s my dilemma with this lip item. It took me a LONG time to figure out how to apply this properly. If I apply too much of this on, it will rub off on my upper lip in (the area in my cupids bow). Of course if I barely apply any on, the color isn’t as vibrant. It took me several attempts to get the right amount of color on my lips for the effect that I want. It fades pretty well, and the lasting power is longer than average for a gloss. I want to say about over 3 hours and two sodas during that time, the color is vibrant, but not like the original application.The texture of this is so soft and plush, and the finish is a very high shine (no glitter). When you swatch it, you would think it’s sticky because it’s slightly thick and lush, but it’s not sticky at all. It’s a bit more red than seen in this photo, but the high shine effect is the same.The finish is amazing, I cannot stress how I love a high shine like advertisements ❤
courtesy of Vibe magazine
Price and Size: $44.00 for 7 mL or 0.23 oz
Is it worth it?: I think some of the colors are worth having, but I am a bit peeved at how you have to learn how to apply it properly, especially the price you’re paying for this gloss. It seriously was a learning curve for me, but I do like it a lot. It’s worth it for me, but for those who can’t be bothered in terms of taking your time in applying it, I would pass. But in the end, if you can master the application, it’s easy after that and full of awesomeness.
Onto the photos:
indoor lighting with flash.
in natural sunlight, no flash
Top (left): By Terry Gloss Delectation #8
Bottom (right): Dior Lip polish #3

you can see how warm the color is and how opaque the shade is.


Travel makeup +

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So I was out of the country and I’ve had people ask what I brought with me in terms of makeup. I didn’t think people really cared in terms of what I normally wear…I am glad someone does 🙂

I was out of town back in March and I took even less stuff with me back then. I left the country for family reasons, and there were a couple of nights where I had to wear at least a semi-full face.

From left to right:

Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge: I wore it almost everyday as my tinted moisturizer. The two main reasons I took this with me is because I had tried a new skincare product (samples) that broke me out and I wanted my breakouts to heal quickly. Second reason is that on my last trip, I took Chantecaille Future Skin foundation so I wanted to rotate. Last summer when I was out in the sun, I got serious rashes from the sun since I work nights. Being in the sun as of recent with this foundation, I had no adverse skin reactions (as in my skin didn’t burn or fall off). I was in warmer weather climate and my skin didn’t get darker, but my arms and my legs surely did (and for reference,  I wore SPF 30 sunscreen on my hands/arms/legs). I look weird now that my face is a lot lighter than the rest of my skin now. Ah well. lol.

By Terry Baume de Rose: I used this as my lipbalm about every other day. I felt the maximum benefit at the airport because for some reason my lips get really dry. It could be the air conditioning or something with airports/airplanes.

Le Metier de Beaute Fraise Lip Creme: I wore this almost everyday too. I wore it for the times that I had to wear a semi full face as well. I like dark or vibrant reds, but I had to keep it tame for my family and for the events I had to go to. It’s definitely a wearable color, even for daytime. So for those who are concerned about wearing bright or vibrant colors, I consider it an office-friendly color. I’ll review this at a later date.

Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani #103: This is my go to lipstick for serious events, as well. I wore this twice, which is odd. I think due to the warmer weather I didn’t wear it as often as I’d like. Sunnier weather=slightly more vibrant colors? I mixed this with Fraise lip creme and it looked pretty awesome. Neat discoveries are always a good thing.

By Terry Misty Rock cream eyeshadow: I’m not a big eyeshadow person, but I did wear this when I had to wear a semi full face. I just used it for those times and that was it. I really do mean it, this cream eyeshadow does live in my purse if I’m going out at night last minute and I need to do a quick face. Apply from the tube, blend with fingers and bam! you’re out the door.

By Terry Touchee Veloutee: I love this stuff, as it is my under eye concealer. If I am having a great skin day, I use this on red spots on my face and under my eyes. If I go out at night I wear my regular foundation and use this to brighten the area under my eyes. Since I was wearing a luminous tinted moisturizer, I didn’t feel the need to use it, since Peau Vierge brightens those areas by itself. So note to self: if wearing Peau Vierge, no need for this too. Otherwise, must have Touchee Veloutee in bag.

Armani Eyes to Kill mascara: It’s a mini. my ultimate mascara. Need I say more?

Shu #14 brush: I recently bought it since it was highly recommended. I’ll review this at a later time. Wonderful brush and I used it when I had to wear…

Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #5: The perfect beige nude blush that fits the bill on so many levels. This needs a review on its own at a later date as well.

Bioderma Crealine H2O (not pictured): I had this in a small sample jar.