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Chantecaille Hydra Chic in Aster +

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So today I’ll be discussing more fun lip stuff…don’t worry I’ll get to eyeshadows in the near future…
So I bought this little gem called Aster and according to the Chantecaille website, here are its claims:

*Modern full-impact formula delivers 6 hours of great color.
*Releases a sophisticated saturated color with a natural satin finish.
*Natural extracts of papaya and orchid help to soften lips and provide anti-oxidant, anti-aging protection.
*Raist, a natural sugar derivative, provides superior hydration.
*Packed in a slim stylo for precise application.
Packaging: It’s a very slender, silver lipstick. I like slender because it just looks sleek, but at the same time I tend to lose things easily. The cap doesn’t come off easily, which is the main thing I’m looking for when it comes to packaging. It’s a bit hard to mess up a lipsticks packaging. (at least for me)
Texture and formula: This stuff is definitely creamy in texture, although not as creamy as YSL Rouge Voluptes, but they are creamier than Armani Rouge d’Armani. Although it’s creamy, it’s not a thick formula at all. I like the formula because it doesn’t slide off my lips, even though it has some slip, which I like. I will say it’s the creamiest formula I can personally handle. Too creamy just looks like a hot mess on me. period. As for the opaqueness, this stuff is so full on opaque and it’s definitely a satin finish. I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a hydrating formula, but it’s not drying at all. No feathering or uneven distribution of color *score*. I’m also a bit surprised that there’s minimal transfer on a straw or a fork. I was like “hmmm interesting”. The downside to the formula is that I can see this easily melting in a hot car, or something of that nature.
Color: It’s a nice deep, vibrant cool rose. I can see it pulling a bit pink on some people, but I like the color. It’s a less plummy version of GA 513.
Lasting power: Ok so it claims it’s six hours of great color. I see some fading after 4 hours. Not bad at all, considering I had a couple of beverages and a snack during this time. Not as lasting as my Rouge d’Armanis, but this lasts longer than most other lipsticks. I’m actually pretty impressed considering how creamy the formula is, yet it doesn’t slide off that easily.
Learning curve: This is something to be noted, only because it’s important when it comes to application. Not a lot is required for application. Like i swipe my bottom lip 3/4th of the way, and then i blot and move my lips a bit and that’s all that’s needed. I’ve seen other people like apply the lipstick straight from the tube on both top and bottom lip and it looks a bit too cakey/goopy and it may slide off. Yes, the tube is small, but seriously, I don’t use as much product with Aster than most lipsticks.

Size and Price: .06 oz, or 1.7 grams, $30.
Is it worth the purchase?: For a full on opaque color, yep ! I love this shade. It’s so full on. It makes my Armanis look semi opaque in comparison. The downside is that there are few colors to choose from.
Photo time 🙂

Left to right: 
GA Rouge d’Armani in 513
Chantecaille Hydra Chic in Aster

The color in the tube.

Left to right: 
GA 513
Chante Hydra Chic in Aster 
*look at that shine and opaqueness* *gasp*
(no flash)
Left to right: 
GA 513
Chante Hydra Chic in Aster 

(with flash)



Chantecaille Lip Chic in Tea Rose +

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So yesterday I met with a lovely lady who reads my blog…and we did some shopping and she got to meet some of my Makeup Artists. Anyway, so we went on over to a Chantecaille counter so she could get some goodies and the ladies there were quite nice (the girls from 59th & Lex Bloomingdales). It was odd to see someone who I normally don’t see (I’ve been seeing Phil at Space NK on 71st and Lex for Chantecaille as of recent).
Ok so I have Camellia lip chic which I really like, but Tracy when she used to work at the SpaceNK in SoHo (which has a Chantecaille display) always recommended me Tea Rose. I never got it for one reason or another…”Oh it can wait, I gotta buy (insert LE makeup item)”. Finally after trying it at the Chantecaille counter at Bloomingdales and the reaction from the MA, it sealed the deal to get it. Why didn’t I pay attention to Tracy before? *kicks self*
 Moving along…

Packaging: It comes in a sleek dark silver color. I like it because it’s like a pewter shade of silver. My fear was that the lid will come off in my purse, but that hasn’t been the case with this one, nor with my other lip chic. The height of a the tube is a bit short, but I really don’t care, it’s just something to be noted.

Texture and Lasting Power: It’s a very hydrating, balmy lipstick. For those with super dry lips will LOVE lip chics. They’re sheer with 1 thin layer, but not too sheer. They’re soft and slightly thicker in texture than Cle de Peau extra silky lipsticks, but they’re less balmy than Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Color Burst Lipsticks. Definitely a lovely texture. I love these more than Dior new Addicts, and Dior Serum de Rouge. When the color fades, it leaves your lips more hydrated than before. The lasting power is like 3 hours if I eat a snack and talk a bit. 
Color: It’s a mid-tone rose color, slightly cool (with no sparkles). This particular shade is straight up beautiful. It’s my lips but better shade. For those who have lighter lips, it will definitely give them this light flush of color. I know this is a color that I’ll be wearing quite often when I’m at work, aside from my Le Metier de Beaute lip cremes. The reason why this gets it’s own section is because I finally found a my lips but better shade that the formula is wonderful (my other lipstick for my lips but better is GA #99, which was limited edition). 
Size and Price: .07 oz 2 grams, $30

Is it worth it?: Yes, I honestly think these are a must have. if Tea Rose isn’t for you, there are definitely a great shade selection to choose from. Another personal favorite is Camellia.
Onto the photos!!

Left to Right:
GA #99
Tea Rose Lip Chic

Rouge Bunny Rouge Word of Mouth


Chantecaille Charm Brilliant Gloss

I’ve been searching high and low for this lip item…it’s sold out at many places (I didn’t check online, yours truly is all about the instant gratification). I finally managed to snag the last one at a SpaceNK I normally don’t go to. I’m a loyal customer to my sales associates, but I really was hunting this one down and my normal counter didn’t have it. 
Yes, it’s the gloss that Angelina Jolie wore for the movie Salt. So maybe I am a sucker for pretty lip things, and I do love AJs makeup, so I wanted to see if this item is really worth having since she wore it. 
Color and Packaging: a neutral pale pink with micro silver shimmer.  For someone with pigmented lips like myself, it’s almost borderline chalk-like if I apply a lot of it on. This is literally the palest I can do, anything more pale would be chalk. It’s nice to know how light I can go. The packaging is clear tube with a silver lid and brush applicator.
Size and price: It’s a really TALL lipgloss in terms of height. Slightly taller than an Armani lip shimmer. The amount you get is 3 mL. Armani you get 6 mL. Le Metier de Beaute you get 6.5 mL. I don’t understand how that’s possible seeing how tall it is and the tube isn’t narrow, either. So let’s get more specific: Chantecaille’s brilliant glosses are 1 oz (it’s physical weight), versus Armani 0.2 fluid ounces (volume) and Le Metier de Beaute is 0.22 fluid ounces. The price is $28.
Formula and longevity: Formula is very soft and moisturizing. I like the formula in the sense that it doesn’t cling onto your hair, or it doesn’t leave a funny residue on the lip. I will state that the color does turn much lighter pretty quickly.  This is the case for a lot of glosses due to the nature of the formula, but Chantecailles brilliant glosses really turn clear on your lips really fast. I was a bit surprised for the price you pay for this item, that the color doesn’t stay true to form for very long. It could be just my lips, but I’m just putting it out there. Longevity, it doesn’t last as long as my other glosses. I am a bit surprised in that sense as well.
Onto the comparison pictures 😀 (don’t laugh at me because I don’t own many lighter colors)
From left to right:
Le Metier de Beaute Sweet creme lip creme
Chantecaille Charm
Le Metier de Beaute Vanilla Rose
From left to right:
Le Metier de Beaute Sweet creme lip creme
Chantecaille Charm
Le Metier de Beaute Vanilla Rose

Is it worth buying: I think it’s a pretty color overall and a nice texture, but I don’t deem this item being a wow standout from the line because it does turn clear pretty fast. I think it’s nice to have one shade you really like, but that’s about it.