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Shu Uemura Tokyo Charm palette (eye quad palette #1) +

So as we all know that Shu has new eyeshadows,  but over in the far land in Asia, there are premade palettes that consist of the new eyeshadow colors (no LE shades). The theme being different makeup looks from different cities in the world. I saw the different palettes and I was so smitten with the Tokyo Charm one. So I asked a lovely lady in Asia to buy one for me….

courtesy of
G bronze: This shade is the hardest one to work with, just for the simple reason is that it’s pure glitter. You may have to wet it a bit for it to apply properly. Granted the color is beautiful, but you definitely need the right brush and a good eyeshadow primer. How I’ve been using it is with the NARS primer, then patting it on, brushing off the excess glitter, and reapply. If you apply it heavily and brushing off the excess it’s a pretty shimmery shade. Definitely a bit annoying to use, but whatever. The major downside is that this shade isn’t sold in the USA.

M895: I love this one because it’s a dark matte. It’s a dark slightly warm brown. I know the color sounds boring, but it’s such a versatile shade. If you use a tiny bit and blend…it’s a glorious crease color…add a bit more and it’s an outer “v” (corner) eyeshadow shade. With all Shu mattes, easy to apply and relatively easy to blend.

P140: This pink shade is an interesting addition…it’s a soft, cool, opalescent pink. I’ve used the eyeshadow as a cheek shade moreso than an eyeshadow. For the eyes, I’d use it in the inner corner of the eye…it’s so soft and the pearl sheen is what makes it so special. I’m not one for pinks in general on my eyes, but I’ve worn this one a couple of times on my eyes.

ME825: This is my favorite one out of the batch. My personal favorite finish of all the Shu eyeshadows are the ME (metallic) finish. They’re what MAC veluxe pearl eyeshadows wish they were. They’re soft, buttery, and just full of awesome. This is a nice golden beige that just makes for a soft eye look. aaaaahhh I just can’t stop touching this color.

Onto the photos 😀
left to right:
G bronze
G bronze was applied with 2 quick layers with no primer, so you can see what I mean.
with flash
without flash

Overall thoughts: I like all of the colors, but the annoying one out of the batch is G bronze. Overall a win, but yea…I wish Shu would change the formulation of G colors (assuming all of them are similar to G bronze). You can’t go wrong with neutrals.

P.S. to all of my east coast people: stay safe and please stay indoors. It’s raining pretty hard already and hurricane Irene isn’t really here yet.


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Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #5 Sakurakaba +

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So I finally got my hands on a Suqqu quad…and a fellow blogger An Aura, Chic, Beauty has convinced me to get a Suqqu quad. We all know how we feel about warm colors, so I decided to make my first quad one I normally wouldn’t wear (a warm one). Thankfully I have insanely hot lady (who loves red lipstick as much, if not more than myself) who did me the favor of getting this eyeshadow quad for me. So let’s discuss …
Packaging: sleek shiny black packaging. The latch snaps shut…I normally don’t do palettes so I can only compare to what I have. You’re supposed to push this button for the palette to open. Ok that’s fine. So the latch when kept shut, it’s not difficult to open the quad by just lifting the lid on its own (you’re not supposed to open it by just lifting the lid on its own). It’s not a big deal, but just something to be noted.

What’s inside? Ok this is a big win for me: it comes with this CUTE and FUNCTIONAL double ended eyeshadow brush and a double ended sponge brush. The eyeshadow brushes are so soft and a very nice quality. My biggest pet peeve when I see eyeshadow quads/quints: the stupid sponge applicator because for the most part it’s useless, whereas the brush and this sponge applicator you can actually use them. I know small brushes aren’t a replacement for your full sized ones, but for someone on the go like me, these brushes will be great when you’re in a pinch/bind. 
Colors: Ok this is the fun part — at first I didn’t quite understand the appeal. But when applied the colors are so glorious on your lids. It’s definitely a soft glow of color on your eyes. I wouldn’t consider these bold, vibrant colors. I know the soft look isn’t for everyone and I’m slowly appreciating the beauty of a subtle look. The colors consist of a shimmery pinky champagne (which has got to be my favorite one, but the hardest to photograph *sad*), a medium warmer gold, the pale white shade acts as a primer (it really only evens out my lids), and a pretty chocolate brown.The colors themselves aren’t unique per se, but what makes them stand out are their … (read on)
Texture(s): they are so buttery soft and refined, so soft that it almost feels like a cream in your hands. It’s magical, insanely magical. I will say the medium brown shade is pretty, but I was expecting a bit more from the matte because even though it’s soft, and the application is easier than most mattes, but it’s a bit subpar in comparison to Shu Uemura mattes since they apply on easier. Overall a win for me.
Price and size: 45 GBP (around $73), 0.22 oz or 6.5 grams

Where it’s sold: At Selfridges in the UK, Thailand and of course Japan 🙂
Is it worth having?: #5 is not a crazy warm palette so I can get away with the colors, so I think it’s worth it. 🙂 Plus there’s nothing more rewarding than a luxury eyeshadow palette that’s so well thought out (color wise and brushes).
colors clockwise from upper left hand corner.
(with flash)
you can see the pinky-champagne highlight shade. It’s magical.
no flash
isn’t this brush CUTE !?!?!
The sponge applicator
Backside of the palette. 
Back of the box — ingredients
Back of the box — I can’t read this but I hope this makes sense to someone.


Shu Uemura ME 856 +

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As some of you may know, Shu Uemura revamped their eyeshadow and blushes…and one is to ask “how different are these colors from before”?

I freaked out because Shu Uemura has the softest, pigmented eyeshadows out there. They’re perfection in every sense of the word in terms of colors, their payoff, the sheen and luminosity. Most reformulations usually take a turn for the worse so I was worried that it would be a grim revamping.

So what’s different?

Size and packaging: The eyeshadows are now just sold in pans if you choose, which I’m guessing is Loreal’s attempt to make it more accessible price point wise. The old formula were in clear lucite casing, which I actually like a lot since it’s functional. I hate having to fumble around which color is inside the case. The actual dimensions of the eyeshadows are the same width, but the new eyeshadows are like a millimeter or 2 shorter than their old pans. 

Texture: they seem the same in terms of the soft buttery texture and color payoff. Thank the makeup heavens !! *bows*. They’re soft, buttery and on the eyes they just look simply…awesome.

To all of you taupe lovers…PinkSith *cough* we all know the most coveted taupe is without a doubt is Shu ME 945. Why ? Because Shu knows beautiful colors, especially taupes. It’s the unicorn pee of taupes…It’s that taupe that brings you to your knees every time you see it. It’s that love that makes your heart skip a beat each time you see it. Sadly I don’t own this shade anymore as I gave it away many moons ago. so how is ME856?

Color: it’s a slightly purple taupe. it’s supposed to be the replacement for Shu ME850. I’m sorry, but ME856 not as silvery, nor does it have the high shine. ME856 is definitely a bit more purple than ME850. Similar, I guess, but definitely not the same. AT ALL. It’s lighter and a bit more of a frost and warmer then P860. For all of you purple taupe lovers, ME856 is a must. definitely. It’s brilliant color, but it’s no replacement for ME850.

Size and Price: 1.4 grams or 0.049 oz, $15 for the refill ($8 more for a single eyeshadow holder)

Is it worth having?:
yes, i think so…and i’m not really a taupe ho’.

picture time ;D 

left to right:

Shu P860 (d/c)
Shu ME856
Shu ME850

left to right:

Shu P860 (d/c)
Shu ME856
Shu ME850

bottom row (third from left) is Shu ME856 in the old school Shu eyeshadow palette

left to right:

Shu P860 (d/c)
Shu ME856
Shu ME850

left to right:

Shu P860 (d/c)
Shu ME856
Shu ME850


By Terry Ombre Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze Moon +

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So seeing that there are people who want more By Terry, here is my review on Bronze Moon!
Since I fell in love with Misty Rock, I wanted to get another awesome shade. David being the awesome MA that he is, suggested Bronze Moon. Of course I got it and I’m ever so happy with my purchase.

Packaging: it comes in a sleek, shiny gold tube, in retractable pen form. As I stated before, it’s amazing to have in your purse since you can just apply on the lid and go. No brush required when you’re in a hurry.

Texture and Formula: The standout aside from the color is that it’s insanely long lasting. The texture is soooo smooth and not gritty at all. There’s no messy fallout, it’s just pure pigment. The one thing that I can say is that it sets pretty quickly, so as soon as I apply the color on my eyelids, I have to blend basically immediately. This stuff is nothing but magical, seriously. Compared to Misty Rock, it’s not as sparkly, but it has a high sheen. It’s creamy, but there’s no creasing (which is what I’ve experienced with Benefits cream shadows). No primer is required with By Terrys, which makes my life easier.
So as I found out later, the formula is waterproof (score!). After I’ve done my swatches…I ran my swatch of Bronze Moon in a hot shower and it stayed. It does come off if you rub a lot of soap on it (3 passes of soap), so it’s not impossible to remove the product. Nice to know if you’re in the rain, that your cream eyeshadow won’t look gross.
Color: The name is deceiving because I don’t consider it a bronze shade. The color is a nice rich chocolate brown. It’s so beautiful on its own as a lid color.
Price and size: $42.50, 1.64 grams or 0.058 oz

Worth the purchase?: If you’re new to By Terry, this is the first thing I would recommend to try, because it’s sooooooo delicious.  

Here you can see it’s size and how it looks with the cap removed.

A closeup of the cream eyeshadow

 Left to right:

Le Metier de Beaute Spicy eyeshadow
By Terry Bronze Moon
MAC Museum Bronze pigment


Rouge Bunny Rouge Velvet Fritillary Long-Lasting Cream Shadow +

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I know there must be some of you who must be tired of my blog…after all…over 90% of my posts are lip stuff. 

So for you girls who are all about the eyes, I’m sure you’re all interested in Velvet Fritillary ! 😀 

Packaging: It comes in the signature Rouge Bunny Rouge sleek, black packaging. Pretty straightforward, but part of me wishes I can see how much is left with the cream eyeshadow formula. No big deal, but you know what I mean. It’s like a lipgloss in the sense you unscrew the top and the applicator is a doe foot.

Texture and formula: This stuff is really creamy. It’s a thin (but not runny) formula. It’s wonderful for those who have really dry eyes and feel like eyeshadow primers can be drying or just not the right consistency. Velvet Fritillary is grey, but it has an interesting greenish cast/undertone. So the finish is a bit hard to explain:  It’s matte from a distance, but if you look REALLY up close, there’s a super tiny shimmer. Like super tiny, like almost non-existent. So to me, let’s just say it’s matte, but it’s not a flat matte. I like it because a lot of the cream eyeshadows tend to be very shimmery or sparkly. I’m always one for more options when it comes to finishes in all makeup products.

Longevity: so this is an interesting one…without any other primer, as in just by itself…9 hours and minimal fading. That’s not bad at all for something that’s a cream texture on my semi-oily eyelids. I’m sure this over my NARS eyeshadow primer, it would last eons. 

Size and price:
0.135 fluid ounces, or 4mL. The price is approximately $66 (conversion from GBP to USD). 

Is it worth having?: I think the color in of itself is unique, but the tube is very small. So I can understand why some people won’t buy it. For those who want a serious splurge, I don’t see why not.

Onto the photos ! 
A standard Bic pen
Velvet Fritillary eyeshadow
A MAC pigment 

this was taken so you can see the size reference.

Velvet Fritillary applicator

A closeup so you can see the color.

Left to right:

MAC Sweet Sienna
Rouge Bunny Rouge Velvet Fritillary
Rouge Bunny Rouge Solstice Halcyon


Le Metier de Beaute Summer 2011: Penelope Kaleidoscope + (edited 5.19.11)

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So I rushed on over to Bergdorf Goodman about an hour ago because they have the tester Penelope Kaleidoscope. It’s been one I’ve been curious about since I had a hard time imagining how the colors from the promo photo would layer on.

Top color is a warm soft gold color. It’s not as warm or as vibrant as Nutmeg, but it’s definitely a pretty shade. I can see myself using this one as a soft lid color on it’s own.

The second shade is a matte greyed lavender. At first I didn’t know what to think of this shade, or quite understood the purpose of it, but after Dustin layered it on his hands, it neutralizes the top shade a bit. I’m not one for purples, but I can see why this color was added. I do adore the soft buttery texture of this matte shade. 🙂

The third shade: it’s slightly deeper and a higher sheen than Jojo. This one took me by surprise. It’s sooo lush ❤

The last shade: At first I thought it would end up looking like Jade, but it’s deeper and it has a charcoal aspect to the color. It’s a nifty color to pack on the color for a smokey eye, if necessary. 

Swatches are below:

So Dustin and I were playing with the colors and I asked him how it would look like layered together, so he decided to be creative and draw on my fist. Forgive my crappy fist because I had a hard time staying still from sneezing. 😦 

Couches de Couleur Quick picture tutorial:

You apply the top color all over the lid up to the crease (see that little black line in between the lid and brow)? Yea, that’s supposed to be your crease lol

Next, you layer the second color all over the lid into the crease as well.   

Then you add the third one.  

Then you add the green towards the lashline to darken, or make a soft smoky eye. 

The last picture Dustin added eyeliner and the eye brightener on the browbone and to blend any harsh lines. 

Overall thoughts? I think it’s a really pretty kaleidoscope, and it was a nice surprise because a part of me thought it would be something boring, when it totally isn’t. If you’re into warm colors, then this is definitely a palette worth getting. 🙂 

Bergdorf Goodman will have the palette tomorrow in stores. You can call 212-872-8612 to make your order. 

(edit): The top shade is not as orange based as Goldstone. It’s slightly lighter and more yellow. Totally different colors if you ask me.


Le Metier de Beaute Chameleon Eyeshadow +

FINALLY!! I get to finally review this color. This is one of those colors that stood at the counter, stared right back at me each time I went to visit. For one reason or another, I didn’t get it until last week. I used to sigh and tell myself, “next time I’ll get it”. That was the story for about 5 months. I love neutral colors, but this one is definitely has a green undertone. I love wearing it with neutrals because it stands out. Definitely a shade that can change depending on what colors you use with it.
Texture and finish: It’s definitely the signature Le Metier’s buttery-velvety soft goodness that makes me swoon each time I touch it. It has a pearl sheen, but no sparkle. The closest in texture is Shu Uemura’s Pearl, but these bad boys are more refined in texture and sheen. Le Metier makes my favorite eyeshadows because of the finish, texture, and they’re amazing for layering colors. If it’s one thing you must try from this line, it has to be their eyeshadows.
Price and size: $30 for 3.8 grams. They are nicely packaged with a mirror, and they are larger than your standard MAC or Shu eyeshadows. MACs eyeshadows are 1.3 grams for $14.50. So let’s think about this: Le Metier’s are approximately 3x as large as MACs, yet they’re only $30. For the quality and texture of these, trust me, they’re worth every penny.

Ok, well you know what happens now 🙂 ++
from left to right:
Le Metier de Beaute Jojo eyeshadow
Le Metier de Beaute Chameleon
MAC Lucky Green eyeshadow
The reason that I used these shades is so you can see how neutral, yet how green this shade is. Plus you can visualize the size difference between Le Metier’s and MACs.

a pretty closeup of Chameleon (I’m sorry for the dirty mess I make with my e/s), shame on me! 
from left to right:
Lucky Green

I’m so glad I finally got this color, because it’s such a pretty shade. 🙂 Yay!