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Hourglass Aura lip stains +

So today I went to Sephora to kill some time. I was on a special mission to test out Hourglass Aura lip stains…and so I did. I haven’t had the best experience with Hourglass cosmetics in general…reason being their lipsticks slide and slightly bleed. A little odd, I know…but I’m saying that’s my personal experience with them. I know there are people who like them, so I say give them a shot if you’d like. I was willing to see what else Hourglass offers since someone asked me about the lip stains.

Packaging: They are in a click type pen form, and the applicator is a sponge. At first I crinkled my nose because it’s similar in design to Ellis Faas blushes. I will say I am impressed with this particular sponge because it’s a bit flexible. It’s not a stiff sponge and applying the lip stain is really easy and there’s a no fuss application.

Formula: I didn’t try these on my lips since they’re Sephora testers, but this stuff doesn’t budge AT ALL. They don’t feel drying on my arm, and the finish is so pretty. I’m quite impressed with these since most lip stains tend to be a gel like texture, whereas this is not. It’s not runny, but it’s not creamy either. Definitely a unique formula to say the least.

Price: $26

From left to right:


Are these worth having? For me the winner out of the three is definitely Flush. It’s a nice pinky red where it’s wearable for a lot of people. I also like petal too in terms of the color, but I don’t feel like it’s the best color on your lips because of the shimmer factor.  Scarlet is nice, if it’s a color that you would see yourself wearing often. I like purples, but I only wear them once in a blue moon.


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