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Le Metier de Beaute Empress Lip Kaleidoscope +

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So as I am finally on one of my few days off…I get to present to you the Le Metier de Beaute Fall 2011 lip kaleidoscope. There wasn’t much info out there, but as I got to see it, I took pictures 🙂
Colors: The top shade is Imperial Silk which a super soft pale warm pink. Then we have my favorite shade (surprise, surprise) is  Silk Road, which is an opaque vibrant red (finally, a pretty red for fall). Then we have Empress, which is a soft a delicate mauve mixed with some champagne. It’s a soft delicate color on it’s own and I actually like it by itself…oddly enough. Then we have Plum Satin, which is a deep cool plum. The shades mixed together is this beautiful rosy plum. It’s sooooooooooo pretty. PRETTY. Even 3 random people on the street complimented on my lip color.
Texture/formula: So this is definitely more in line with the standard Lip Kaleidoscope, very full on pigmented shades of color. I’m sure there are people that are wondering how it compares to Écumes D’or: Écumes D’or shades were a lot softer in color, and the texture is definitely more jelly like in formula. This kaleidoscope is more like their previous ones such as Red Rapture. I like the formula because you can smack your lips together and it’s not a dry formula that accentuates lip lines or makes your lips dry. The best I can compare this to are NARS lip lacquers, but even then they’re not that similar.
Longevity: They adhere to the lips so well that I managed to get about 5 hours of wear, but uhm…let’s just say it was removed from someone else (hee hee hee), so I couldn’t get to find out if it lasted longer.

This item is definitely my winner from the fall collection 🙂 ❤ it’s so delicious. 


The shades mixed together, assuming all equal parts of the 4 shades. 🙂 The color is a teeeeeny more rosy in real ife. The color is dead on accurate on my lips (of course a touch more rosy).


Le Metier de Beaute Écumes D’or Lip Kaleidoscope (Part II)

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If you missed out…here’s Part I
Moving along, here’s Part II.

Dustin with Écumes D’or
Luckily for me, I had an awesome volunteer who is a bit darker than me in skintone so you can get an idea of how it looks layered. You know, there are questions if you’re darker than NC30+, how will it show up? 

So the lovely lady had her full face on then took off her lipcolor for my review 😀

Her natural lip color. She’s probably around NC35

Dustin working his magic on her. He’s like a NC20 for comparison. 

The bottom color on her lips.

The purple on top of the pink. You can kinda see the cool cast where the flash hits the lips.

the final result on her

Dustin lightly lined her lips on the edge for some definition
kaleidoscope on top of lipstick (bottom swatch for reference) no flash.

with flash

pictures of the Le Metier de Beaute lip brush

you remove the cap from the bottom and that’s how it retracts


Giorgio Armani Gloss d’Armani in 401.

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So yesterday I got to meet the awesomeness that is PinkSith. Can I just say since she met me with no makeup on…that she didn’t implode !?!?! It’s a sigh of relief that I’m not that scary looking in person (with no makeup). Ok maybe I am, but I can live in denial LOL.

We went shopping and dropped into Neiman Marcus. I was on a mission to buy the Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadows, but then…we saw…what it was…what I had been waiting for for MANY MONTHS…

GLOSS D’ARMANI. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared, and then swatched like a maniac. I was like a 5 year old in a candy store. I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted to get.
their lip shimmers are discontinued and are replaced with the Gloss d’Armani. They’re supposed to be long-lasting gloss. If you all didn’t know already, I’m like a moth to a flame with the darker/red colors, as is PinkSith. So of course it should be no surprise that we both got 401.

What I am a bit peeved about: the numbering of these glosses doesn’t match the corresponding lipsticks. 401 Rouge d’Armani is an orange red, versus the Gloss d’Armani is a cool red. ok maybe it’s just because I’m OCD. 

Packaging: Armani changed the design so it would be more consistent with their Rouge d’Armani. The packaging is in a clear tube, with the oval cap that resembles the Rouge d’Armani lipsticks. The applicator is definitely different. It’s a long doe foot that’s slightly slanted. You will see in the photo below. 

Texture and formula: Ok so this is where it gets interesting. The formula/texture is very…hmmm..odd at first. I want to say they’re gel like, but not a typical gel formula. Like it’s not a formula where you can rub your lips together really easily. The formula definitely isn’t sticky either. You can feel that there’s some binding aspect to it, but not the gloss adhering to your lips where it’s drying your lips out. It’s really an interesting, yet curious formula. As I did 2 test runs last night to see how long lasting it is, I realized why the formula is designed the way it is: it’s transfer resistant. I was like “HOLY MOLY”. I was concerned that with this formula that I would get the deathly white ring on my lips over time since the formula is a bit odd, but no, totally wears off really nicely.
Maybe someone can give a better description of the formula itself, because it’s not what I was expecting at all. I like it a lot because it’s long lasting and it doesn’t dry your lips out either. It feels really cool. 😀 401 is like a hair away from being a full on opaque gloss. Keep in mind some of the Armani glosses are more sheer than others (like 403, which I will review probably tomorrow).
Lasting power: So I did two separate test runs with 401 last night since I was out and about. The lasting power on average was about almost 4 hours with some visible fading, but you can still tell there was some gloss on. Usually with gloss it lasts about 2 hours and it’s completely gone on me. 
Size and price: they are a smidgen bigger (6.5 mL versus the lip shimmer 6.0 mL) for $28
Photo time 😀
Left is GA lip shimmer #7, on the right it’s Gloss d’Armani in 401
 The Applicator.
Left to right:
Gloss d’Armani in 401.
Lip Shimmer #7


Le Metier de Beaute Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss: Bondi Beach

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So I’ve been wanting to write about the color I’ve been wearing quite often (well almost every day) for the past week or so. Bondi Beach 😀
Color: it’s like the perfect milk chocolate color for me. sigh. I don’t care for nudes/browns until this shade came into my life. In the tube it looks pretty….well…not flattering or just flat out boring. It’s the kind of color that you would skim your eyes over at the counter. For one reason or another, it’s just not the kind of color that you would say “I MUST HAVE”. When I’m usually at the Le Metier counter, people tend to reach for Ibiza and Cannes, and I get it, they’re pretty pinks. I will say that Bondi Beach is sooo worth trying on your lips, because it’s such a beautiful shade. *sigh*
Texture and Formula: The Sheer Brilliance Glosses are more sheer than the lip cremes in terms of opacity, but the texture is so lush. The Brilliance Glosses do have a fair amount of sparkle, so that’s something to keep in mind. They give dimension on top of a lipstick and give a hint of color by itself.  If that’s what you’re looking for then they’re perfect for you. If you have semi pigmented lips, then the glosses do give a bit of color. For my pigmented lips they don’t really show up on its own, but on top of a lipstick, it looks so awesome.
Bondi Beach is a bit more pigmented and not as much sparkle as the other Brilliance Glosses, which is probably why it’s one of my favorite lip gloss shade. The lasting power is a bit less than that of a lip creme (it makes sense, since lip cremes are a hybrid of a lipstick and lip gloss). The Brilliance Glosses aren’t sticky at all and feel so smooth and soft on the lips. 
Price and size: $32.00 for 6 mL or 5.5g
Is it worth buying: For my NC25-30 self, it’s the perfect milk chocolate color, where it’s not nude where I look like a cadaver, but it’s not a dark brown either where it looks muddy. It’s a color I get a lot of compliments on. With the warmer weather being here it’s a shade that I’ve been wearing quite a bit. Definitely worth trying out. 🙂 It’s sooo awesome. 🙂 ❤ yum yum
Onto the photos 😀

 Top to Bottom:

Cafe Creme lip creme
Bondi Beach Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss
Giorgio Armani Lip Shimmer #45
Giorgio Armani Lip Shimmer #16

*Cafe creme is cooler in undertone and lighter in color than Bondi Beach


 Top to Bottom:

Cafe Creme lip creme
Bondi Beach Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss
Giorgio Armani Lip Shimmer #45
Giorgio Armani Lip Shimmer #16


By Terry Gloss Delectation #8: Pomegranate Flash

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So there have been some questions in relation to By Terry lip glosses…and today I’ll review Gloss Delectation #8. It has taken me a while to review this, and I really have mixed feelings about them. 

Packaging: it comes in a clear tube with a purple lid. The applicator isn’t the standard doe foot, as you’ll see in the pics below. I like the shape of the applicator because I can create a crisp line without using a separate brush.
Color and Fragrance: It’s a vibrant coral in the tube. The color in the tube stood out to me because I love vibrant lip colors. It’s a really pretty coral, with a bit of red in it. On some people I can see it showing up as a orange-red depending on the person. It’s so lovely in the tube and when swatched. It’s definitely has a STRONG fragrance and I mean STRONG, so be aware of that.
Texture and Formula: Here’s my dilemma with this lip item. It took me a LONG time to figure out how to apply this properly. If I apply too much of this on, it will rub off on my upper lip in (the area in my cupids bow). Of course if I barely apply any on, the color isn’t as vibrant. It took me several attempts to get the right amount of color on my lips for the effect that I want. It fades pretty well, and the lasting power is longer than average for a gloss. I want to say about over 3 hours and two sodas during that time, the color is vibrant, but not like the original application.The texture of this is so soft and plush, and the finish is a very high shine (no glitter). When you swatch it, you would think it’s sticky because it’s slightly thick and lush, but it’s not sticky at all. It’s a bit more red than seen in this photo, but the high shine effect is the same.The finish is amazing, I cannot stress how I love a high shine like advertisements ❤
courtesy of Vibe magazine
Price and Size: $44.00 for 7 mL or 0.23 oz
Is it worth it?: I think some of the colors are worth having, but I am a bit peeved at how you have to learn how to apply it properly, especially the price you’re paying for this gloss. It seriously was a learning curve for me, but I do like it a lot. It’s worth it for me, but for those who can’t be bothered in terms of taking your time in applying it, I would pass. But in the end, if you can master the application, it’s easy after that and full of awesomeness.
Onto the photos:
indoor lighting with flash.
in natural sunlight, no flash
Top (left): By Terry Gloss Delectation #8
Bottom (right): Dior Lip polish #3

you can see how warm the color is and how opaque the shade is.


Le Metier de Beaute Petit Poudrier Imperial Gardens Palette: Gift with Purchase

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In three days, you can pre-order your Bergdorf Goodman makeup goodies for their Gift Card Event. 
It’s from April 6th-10th

Spend $150 and get a $25 Gift Card
Spend $500 and get a $100 Gift Card
Spend $1000+ and get a $250 Gift Card

There are some Gift with Purchases (GWPs) being offered from different lines, but I’ll be discussing Le Metier de Beaute’s GWP 😀 ! I got the Le Metier de Beaute GWP as a gift (free) for the sole purpose to give my review and to show you the colors. From the mailer I got you have to spend $125 at Le Metier de Beaute to be entitled for the GWP, but to get the Gift Card, you have to spend $150. 
The palette is Imperial Gardens–it’s a beautiful lip and cheek palette. It’s about the size of a business card. It contains 4 lip colors, and a blush color. It’s a beautiful palette. The texture of the lip colors are like the lip kaleidoscope palettes.
To those of you who know me, I’m anti lip palettes…why you ask? Because it can get messy over time. The bigger the lip palette is, the messier it looks and it’s so off putting. Luckily for me, this palette isn’t overly big so even if it does get messy (I’m a klutz), it’s pretty easy to clean. 
Colors — Clockwise from top left:  There’s a purple with a tinge of brown lip color with golden sparkles, which I personally like by itself, but it can be mixed with other colors. Then there’s this gorgeous shimmery red that has some pink to it, with pretty golden sparkles. Definitely my favorite lip color out of the bunch.  Then you have this creamy peachy pink with very subtle shimmer that barely shows up, it has pink and almost a red sparkle to it, definitely unique. Then the last color is this light brown-champagne shade, with multi-dimensional sparkles. 
As for the blush color. This is the definite winner. The GWP is honestly worth it just for the blush. It’s so beautiful and I have yet to see a color like this in cream form. It’s like a dusty pink-mauve color. I’m seriously INFATUATED. I’m dead serious…Seriously, really, infatuated. I think you can use the blush as a lip color too, but I haven’t tried it on my lips. Just stating a potential option. 🙂

Dear Le Metier de Beaute: Please make this cream blush a permanent color in your collection. I seriously hope you’re reading this and taking it into consideration.
I will apologize upfront because I have serious limited arm movement, therefore difficulty to swatch the colors evenly. I will say the light brown champagne shade was hard to apply since it was the last color for me to swatch. Plus I didn’t have the best applicator on me. I do hope you guys get the idea of how awesome it is.
Onto the pictures and swatches:
Left to Right:
The cream blush
Then the four lip colors from top left, clockwise.
*To note, the purple color looks more brown in photos than in person.
Is it worth getting?: For a Gift with Purchase, I think it’s very versatile and just straight up beautiful. The cream blush…wow, just WOW.

To make your Le Metier de Beaute order, here’s their phone number: 212-872-8612


Le Metier de Beaute peche creme lip creme +

So I have been trying to swatch and own more items that I normally wouldn’t find myself wearing. As a result, I caved in and got Peche creme. I generally hate how I look in warm colors, even though I am warm myself. To this day I am still a bit uncomfortable wearing peachy colors. I can’t explain it, it’s just not what I am used to. You can see the other lip cremes that I own here.
Color and packaging: Peche creme is definitely a golden peach, leaning apricot. It has shimmer and the texture is somewhere between a lipgloss and a liquid lipstick. The color even though it’s a golden peach, it shows up a bit lighter on me and I’m sure it’s because of my pigmented lips. I’ve seen it look a bit darker/golden on other people. I don’t like doing lip swatches because I know how it looks on me is different from how it looks on the next person. It’s not a chalky color at all on me, so I am quite happy with how it looks. I’m just still trying to be more comfortable with peachy colors.
Texture: it’s not as “runny” as Sweet Creme, so as I stated, it has a slight feel of a liquid lipstick. I like the texture a lot…I guess the closest texture that it can somewhat be compared to are Laura Mericer’s Lip Velvets, except Le Metiers are a bit more creamy, slightly thicker formula and it has a gloss aspect to it (well, yea, since it’s a mix of a gloss and lipstick, ha). It’s really nice, not sticky at all. Peche creme doesn’t settle into lines or anything of that nature. It stains nicely over time, with no funny gunk on your lips. This stuff is awesome if you ask me.

Be aware that it does have lanolin, which apparently causes allergic reactions for some people.(I had no idea about this until recently).

Ok onto the colors:
Left to right:
Le Metier de Beaute Peche Creme
GA lip shimmer #1
Chantecaille Charm
Left to right:
Le Metier de Beaute Peche Creme
GA lip shimmer #1
Chantecaille Charm
Is this worth having?: It’s a shade that I can see it working on darker skintones, since it’s pigmented enough to show up. The shimmer isn’t over the top glitter city, either.
I think it’s nice to have, especially with the summer coming up. 🙂

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