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Hourglass Aura lip stains +

So today I went to Sephora to kill some time. I was on a special mission to test out Hourglass Aura lip stains…and so I did. I haven’t had the best experience with Hourglass cosmetics in general…reason being their lipsticks slide and slightly bleed. A little odd, I know…but I’m saying that’s my personal experience with them. I know there are people who like them, so I say give them a shot if you’d like. I was willing to see what else Hourglass offers since someone asked me about the lip stains.

Packaging: They are in a click type pen form, and the applicator is a sponge. At first I crinkled my nose because it’s similar in design to Ellis Faas blushes. I will say I am impressed with this particular sponge because it’s a bit flexible. It’s not a stiff sponge and applying the lip stain is really easy and there’s a no fuss application.

Formula: I didn’t try these on my lips since they’re Sephora testers, but this stuff doesn’t budge AT ALL. They don’t feel drying on my arm, and the finish is so pretty. I’m quite impressed with these since most lip stains tend to be a gel like texture, whereas this is not. It’s not runny, but it’s not creamy either. Definitely a unique formula to say the least.

Price: $26

From left to right:


Are these worth having? For me the winner out of the three is definitely Flush. It’s a nice pinky red where it’s wearable for a lot of people. I also like petal too in terms of the color, but I don’t feel like it’s the best color on your lips because of the shimmer factor.  Scarlet is nice, if it’s a color that you would see yourself wearing often. I like purples, but I only wear them once in a blue moon.


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Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani swatches +

My personal favorite lipstick formula is from Giorgio Armani. It’s creamy, but not too creamy. They’re not drying, and the lasting power is amazing. I’ve tried:

Dolce & Gabbana: nice color selection, but the lasting power is so short. 

Chanel: not that long lasting, and I’m never that impressed with their color selection, although I know a lot of people love their lipsticks.
MAC: they’re drying, the Amplified Cremes are nice, but not as long-lasting.
NARS (non mattes) they’re ok, but not long lasting
Hourglass: the formula is too runny, although I can only speak for their red lipsticks.  
Guerlain: this stuff just slides off after a short while. 
Edward Bess: too creamy for me personally
Tom Ford: medicore lasting power, you can refer to my Smoke Red review 
YSL: too creamy, the smell is nauseating, and not long lasting at all.
Clinique: I like the texture, but not long lasting either.
Makeup Forever: nice texture and formula, but again, not as long lasting. I will say that they’re better than most lipsticks out there, worth trying if you can.
Shu Uemura: this is my other favorite formula (Rouge Unlimited and their creme mattes), but this will have its own review. 

Ok aside from the formula, the color selection is pretty amazing considering that this particular formula hasn’t been out that long. 

Duration: 6 hours and that entails drinking several drinks, eating 2 meals, and lots of talking. No touchup required during this time. 

Packaging: durable with a magnetic clasp. There’s a bit of heft to them, but for me it’s not an issue. 

What I personally own and swatches:
From top to bottom:


The shade I get most compliments on?: 513

What got me interested in this line?: Finding my HG pinky nude, and a GA MA chose 103 for me. It’s my first Rouge d’Armani and it’s my HG pinky nude. 

Which color I’ve been wearing as of late: 516

Downside: none. It’s fragrance free and even if you have flakies on your lips, this lipstick formula doesn’t accentuate them. Maybe the only downside is the price ( for some); it’s $30. This has got to be my favorite item from Giorgio Armani, along with their fluid sheers. I’d pay $60 for these lipsticks, that’s how much I love them. They really are that awesome. 🙂


Le Metier de Beaute Marchesa Holiday Palette

Hi all!

I wanted to share with you my most anticipated purchase of this month, the Marchesa holiday palette !! YAY !! There wasn’t much information regarding information on the colors, or what it would consist of, until now 😀

It contains:

a retractable eyeliner in black
a mascara
a dual ended gloss
and of course, the e/s palette.

now onto the goods: 

I fell in LOVE with this palette, even though it is smaller than I had anticipated. I’m a sucker for packaging to begin with, and when I opened my palette I just HAD to play. I’m anti-purple when it comes to eyeshadows, but this palette is so pretty. What’s a bonus is that this palette has a mini brush, unlike the sponge applicators, which irritate me. The pink is the perfect pink, the purple isn’t too warm with pretty sparkles and it’s a satin finish, and the black is more of a dark charcoal shade (satin-matte like finish).  The glosses are a soft, cool mauve/light plum shades, it’s definitely wearable on its own. 
I’ve never been a fan of palettes, for two main reasons: there was always a shade or two that I wouldn’t know how to use, plus palettes can just overall get messy. All the colors in the set have shades for a lot of skintones, which is an awesome plus.  It’s just a beautiful and it just all makes sense in terms of how to wear the colors.  

Here are the e/s swatched with a quick swipe with my finger:

The glosses:

The downside: the price = $250. But at the same time, these aren’t easy to find. I’m fortunate that my MA held one aside for me, because there were literally very few left at my Bergdorf Goodman, and there were a lot of phone orders as I was buying mine in store. It is a limited edition set and it’s worth it to me because they’re colors I’d actually use.


Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Fall 2010 Lipsticks +

I stopped by my local Bloomingdales to check out their fall shades: 602, 603 and 604. I decided to put in 600 and 601 for good measure to see how they all compare. 602 is definitely more pink (and slightly warmer) in person than 603. They’re all lovely shades for the fall and I’m still undecided which shades to get.

Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani makes an amazing lipstick formula, creamy, unscented, long lasting lipsticks. It has some slip to my lips, but it doesn’t slide off at all. I still can’t explain how amazing these are. Even my mom who hates my addiction for makeup actually stole a couple of my Rouge d’Armanis and stated that they’re great. So if my mom likes it, then it’s really that good (just sayin’).

The first one I purchased was 103 (my HG pinky nude) and I had 2 meals and 4 beverages and there were still some color left on my lips, a nice stain. Without food or beverage, but just talking I can get at least a good 7 hours on my lips. I call this sex in a tube, because it honestly is. 🙂