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Ellis Faas Milky Lips 201

In light of the Christmas season, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite reds: Ellis Faas Milky Lips 201. It’s a makeup line where all the products are bullet shaped, brush tip or sponge applicator as seen below:

This is definitely a line that has GREAT products, but the standout items are their lipsticks and concealer. Now, for those of you who know me, I’m a die hard fiend (yes, fiend) for red lipsticks. Now, every line has a nice red, but most of the mainstream lines have a blue based red. As much as I love a blue based red, the mainstream lines have the same blue based red l/s and it does get a bit…well, boring. To those out there who love red lipstick, we are always looking for a unique shade. You know, that shade that people can’t help but ask, “What color are you wearing !??!” That shade of red that stops traffic, that people pause and look at you. Unfortunately for people like me, there aren’t many lines that have that kind of red. 
Ok so back to Ellis Faas, she’s known for her awesome shades of red. She actually has 9 lipsticks, but they come in different finishes: Creamy, Milky, and Glazed. As much of a skeptic as I am, I had to try them out. Yes, she has awesome reds, my favorite being Milky Lips 201 (aka ELLIS RED). Can we discuss how gorgeous it is? Well, I’d rather just show the picture: 

From top to bottom:
Ellis Faas Milky lips 201
MAC Russian Red
NARS Trans Siberian
NARS Fire Down Below
It’s a glorious blood red. It’s not a blue red, it’s a true blood red. I can’t even explain how gorgeous it is. Definitely one of a kind shade and worth buying if you have the opportunity. The lasting power is great, but I do recommend wearing a lipliner with this one since it’s definitely a bit milky in texture. It wears off to a nice stain too. I’ve worn the shade once and some guy walked into a wall when he saw me. 🙂 Fortunately for a lot of people, Ellis Faas is now sold at Space NK, as well as Bergdorf Goodman.
Seeing Lauren’s good question to see how 201 looks in comparison to Chanel Dragon, they’re can say Dragon is the blue/burgundy not as unique sister of 201. Why you ask? Dragon’s undertone is blue/burgundy based, whereas 201 is a true blood red. They’re both pretty, but 201 is the winner (it lasts longer, slightly nicer texture and a more unique shade). 
My conclusion: RUN, do not walk to your nearest Space NK or Bergdorf whether it’s in store or online.
Ellis Red from the Ellis Faas website


Tom Ford Smoke Red lipstick +

So I purchased this on Fashion Night out and this was recommended to me by the Tom Ford MA as the perfect color for fall. I purchased it with the intention of seeing Tom Ford himself, but that didn’t happen, but back to the lipstick itself:
It’s a lovely shade of cool-burgundy red, a bit deep in color, but it’s not super bright. I consider this a “wearable” red, as in I can see this being flattering on a lot of skintones. It’s definitely creamy in texture, with some slip to the lips, with the added benefit that it’s not drying. What is a bit of a downer is I can’t apply it with one swipe and be out the door. There’s no smell to the lipstick, or at least none that I can detect. What I found out now about is if I do wear this alone (no primer, lipliner) it does feather VERY slightly into the second hour. It doesn’t feather anymore after that, which isn’t bad at all (given no primer/lipliner).
As for lasting power: it’s not a long lasting lipstick, but it does leave a nice stain over time. I can get about 3.5 hours of this lipstick with a meal and a beverage (the color applied with lipliner and primer).
Pictures of the lipstick are seen below. I did one quick swipe so you can see how it applies, with no base, no lipliner, no blotting, straight from the tube (no lipbrush). As you can see, it will require two swipes so it can go completely opaque (as seen on my upper lip in the natural lighting).

Me wearing it indoors, with flash.

This is a picture of me wearing it next to a window in natural lighting, with no flash. 

I do adore the color for the fall. Is it worth the $45? If you want to indulge yourself for a lovely lipstick, with nice packaging then sure. I do think there are great lipsticks with longer lasting power and nice packaging as well for a bit less though. Do I regret the purchase? No. Will I buy another Tom Ford lipstick? Not really, unless they come out with a long-lasting formula and maybe I’d consider it.


NARS Pure Matte lipsticks in Terre de Feu and Tonkin

So today I went into the city to take a peek at Saks Fifth Avenue. I hadn’t been there in a long time, so I figured that I should go.

I see a display with NARS lipsticks as soon as I enter the store

So I take a peek at the counter and saw these most GORGEOUS shades.

On the left side from top to bottom:

Terre de Feu

On the right hand side (top to bottom)

So the MA there showed me the colors and it was instant love. I’ve always been a NARS girl when it comes to matte red lipsticks. I purchased Terre de Feu and Tonkin. Swatches are below:

Top to bottom:
Terre de Feu
Albatross lipgloss (Sephora exclusive).

I’m NC25/30 for reference

They are VERY matte, so if you do have dry lips, wear a sheer layer of balm underneath so it’s not drying. I tried these without balm, and they are a bit dry, but I’ve worn drier lipsticks, so it’s not that bad. There is no smell with either shade, which is a definite plus. I don’t mind a smell, but I’m sure there are people out there who do. I didn’t get to swatch the other shades, but these two were my favorite out of the bunch. I want to get Vesuvio, but at a later date. 🙂

As for Albatross lipgloss, Shawn Snell who was at Sephora today at an event suggested it to me. He applied it over Terre de Feu and WOW. Talk about SERIOUS dimension. I couldn’t help but stare at how my lips looked. Definitely a must have lipgloss if you want to add dimension, or to sheer out a lip color. These lipsticks will be released in other stores on October 1st. 🙂

OH and I got a “Paper Tiger” mini cream eyeshadow as my GWP today:

From L to R: Terre de Feu, Tonkin, Albatross lipgloss.