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By Terry Ombre Blackstar "Color-Fix Cream Eyeshadow" in Misty Rock

Hi !

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time over the holidays and Happy New Years Eve 😉
Today I wanted to show you some pretties before the year is over: By Terry’s cream eyeshadow. What makes these really out of this world are their staying power. I’ve tried many cream eyeshadows from different brands and they all crease on my eyes, or they’re too drying. These eyeshadows are really creamy, no fuss application and applied after a few seconds, they don’t budge.  Swipe your arm against a towel many times, and it still wont budge. 
I’m a bit of a skeptic because anything “cream” just tends to slide off my face. Anyway, I was first introduced to this thanks to my MA when he used it on my makeover with no primer. I told myself “this will be an interesting test run “. He had done a smokey eye on my eyes and I was deathly afraid of the dark e/s creasing/fading/looking like a raccoon. 
So I went out, did some dancing, had a few drinks…well I was out all night. I made the mistake of sleeping with my makeup on (shame on me)! The next morning some of the black e/s had minor fading, but overall not really noticeable and no creasing ! I went back to Space NK and bought Misty Rock. 
I consider consider Misty rock a warmer taupe, but it’s just beautiful on its own. Bronze Moon isn’t a true bronze, but it’s definitely a pretty taupe-brown shade? I’ll let the picture speak for itself: 
So here are the swatches:
From Left to Right: 
By Terry #4 in Bronze Moon
By Terry #5 in Misty Rock
MAC Amber Lights
Le Metier de Beaute Corinthian (just for fun)
What’s really cool about these cream eyeshadows is that they’re in retractable pen form !! So for those of you who can’t be bothered messing with makeup brushes, or if you’re a person on the go, this fits perfectly in your makeup bag. I LOVE THESE. I wear misty rock by itself when I’m in a rush. I just slap it on with a quick swipe, blend with my fingers and BAM ! I’m out the door. 
As for the price: $42.50. You pay what you get for: an amazing quality cream eyeshadow. 
As seen below, this is the amount of product you get. I’ve used it a few times but you get the idea. 🙂 
This item is honestly a staple in my makeup bag. seriously. 


Le Metier de Beaute Holiday Palette

I was given a sneak peek of their holiday colors and OMG I am in LOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEEE

I only photographed the eyeshadows, but here they are. The last shade is INSANE. It’s a blue with red/pink glitter. I fell in LUST with this color because I haven’t seen any eyeshadow like it. I hope you all like the shades 🙂