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Bioderma Crealine H2O

So I just finished using my regular makeup remover: Trilogy Cream Cleanser. I like the idea of a cream cleanser because it’s not as drying on your skin, but overall this particular cream cleanser slightly burned my skin. Why? I know I’m just overall sensitive to most skincare that has a lot of fruit ingredients. I’ll review this at a later date, but it is great if you aren’t sensitive to those kinds of ingredients.

So I’ve seen in various places about this particular cleanser/makeup remover and how awesome it is. I went to a boutique pharmacy in Chelsea, NYC called New London Pharmacy and purchased the larger bottle. This location also sells other French brands Embryolisse, Nuxe, among other niche skincare brands.

The formula: definitely the consistency of water. No smell, or at least none that I can detect.

How to use: apply some on a cotton ball and just glide across sections of your face. It’s not emulsifying, nor does it leave your skin feeling tight or dry. It’s literally the same feeling as if you have water in that cotton ball. Simple enough. There’s really no need to clean your face with a separate cleanser, at least for me. My skin really feels clean with  just this product alone.

What makes this item so great? You can remove heavy duty makeup, including waterproof stuff with 1-2 swipes. Most makeup removers require the extra step of washing your face afterwards. I’m a person who is always on the go and saving myself an extra step is a big plus. Another thing is that my face doesn’t turn red with this product. Nor does this make my eyes sting/burn woo woo woo !! 🙂 It’s truly a magical product. This stuff removes just overall gunk on your face. I want to use this as my new overall skin cleanser/toner. I truly ❤ this item.

When I purchased this item, the checkout clerk asked me: Are you a makeup artist? I replied “no, but why do you ask”? He basically stated that not many people know about the product and the few people that do purchase it are makeup artists.

Downside: limited supply in this location. I think it’s the only place in NYC that sells it, and they sell out very quickly. I’m lucky I grabbed a bottle because it will last me a while. Overall this item is hard to find since it’s from France.

Price: $48 at New London Pharmacy for 500 mL. I know it’s sold a bit less elsewhere, but at least I know this now, plus there’s nothing better than instant gratification :). I’m not one to order items online because I’m never home to pick it up.

Ingredients: water (aqua), peg-6 caprylic/capric glycerides, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, mannitol, xylitol, rhamnose, fructooligosaccharides, propylene glycol, disodium edta, cetrimonium bromide.

What I’ve tried in the past for reference:

Shu Uemura cleansing oil: green, pink and white.
Ponds Cold cream: This is a good method if you have super dry skin, but it’s a bit time consuming because you’re removing cream off your face.
Lancome Bi-facil: which was my HG mu remover for a while, but again I have to wash my face after. 
YSL makeup remover: overpriced and it I just wasn’t that impressed.
Trilogy cream cleanser: love this if I wasn’t allergic to either the carrot or grapefruit extract. It really leaves your face clean.
MAC makeup wipes: burned my eyelids and made them raw. Talk about a serious chemical burn.

all of these are great, but Bioderma has taken center stage, front and center. ❤



Paul & Joe Touch Up Brush

I know this seems a little nutty: me reviewing a lip brush. Why a lip brush? They’re all basically the same, right? No, not really. I personally own my share of lipbrushes, some for just filling in the lips, others to create the crisp lip line, and of course a retractable one for touch ups.

So today, I was at the Le Metier de Beaute counter at Bergdorf Goodman and purchased an item, which I will review tomorrow. The Makeup Artist there used Paul and Joes lip brush to apply the lipstick. I stopped him dead in his tracks and asked, “Who makes this lipbrush!?!?” I sit there and play with it for a good minute or two, easily amused by it. He tells me who makes it and I make a mad dash to the Paul & Joe counter.

On top is the Paul and Joe lipbrush above a MAC 242 for reference.

Why is this lipbrush so special you ask? Let’s take a peek as to why:

The top lipbrush is my Sephora one, which I’ve had for several years. It’s a nice brush, but my personal pet peeve with this one is that when you close the brush, there’s the hole where the brush itself comes out, and debris easily gets into the brush. It’s slightly irritating constantly cleaning it, or wiping the debris on a napkin. I always carry my lipstick in my bag in case for touchups, because if i leave some of the lipstick on the Sephora brush, I couldn’t use the brush for touchups. Thank you random bits of lint, whatever little crap that collects on the end of the brush.

The Paul and Joe brush in the top photo has a long cap, which is brilliant. I’ve owned lipbrushes with caps that easily come off in my bag, which leads to serious disasters. I swear my bag has ghosts in it, but back to the review.

You see that little silver ball? yes, it has a purpose:

The silver ball you manually push it up so the brush comes out. woooooo talk about an invitation to constantly play with it…sliding it up and down, and up and down…ok that sounds a little…gross. LOL

Yes, its a slightly longer brush, but it’s pretty awesome. 😀

Can we also discuss the pretty flower that’s lasered into the lid? Also, the champagne pink colored brush is so feminine. You and I both know we have makeup stuff that’s usually black, silver, or gold packaging, so this brush is easy to find in your makeup bag.

The brush itself: I don’t know what kind of animal hair or material it is, but it’s soft and there’s no hair/bristle fallout. It’s not my ideal brush for lining a crisp line, because I use a really stiff brush for that particular purpose, but this brush is what I was looking for: a touchup brush (in which the cap won’t come off in my purse). Huzzah!!

The price? $18. Worth it? Next paycheck, I’m getting 2 more of these.

Where it’s sold: The only P&J counter in the USA is at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC.

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